The Artisans: Where Do They Fit in Tristram?

Since updating the DiabloWikiMystic and DiabloWikiJeweler wiki articles with new BlizzCon (and beta data mined) information, I’ve been wondering about something… where do they fit? The Jeweler and the Mystic and their wagons, I mean. We know they are rescued from danger in various quests later in Act One, and that they return to Tristram and do their crafting thing. Blizzard has released concept art and screenshots of their wagons as well… but not in Act One.

There were several nice images of the Mystic’s wagon in a Blizzcon 2011 panel, but as you can see in the compilation image to the right, they showed the wagon in what appears to be Act Two, on a featureless sandy desert floor. The Jeweler’s wagon has only been seen in concept art, but it’s clearly a large object, equivalent in size to the Blacksmith’s.

That’s the problem, since as you can see with a careful look around Tristram as seen in the beta.. there does not appear to be enough space for two more wagons of that size. To document this issue, we took some screenshots and even made a short movie that shows a full tour of the town. You’ll probably find it interesting even if you’ve seen a ton live streams and play through videos, since no one ever seems to take their time to look around Tristram. Lots of you guys have probably never even see the Ferryman!

Click through for the video, a bunch of Tristram screenshots, and the apparent answer to this conundrum.

A leisurely tour around Tristram, starring Elly’s Demon Hunter.

Adding to the visuals, here are ten screenshots of possible locations. Perhaps the open air medical center could be replaced? Or better yet, that wasted space below the waypoint could be put to some proper use. You could even squeeze one in beside the back gate out of town.

Personally, I’d feed the existing merchants to the zombies and put the Artisan wagons in their spots. The current NPCs sell items of uselessly low levels at all times during the beta, making them about as useful as undersea bicycle salesmen. Frankly, I hope their item selections are bugged in the beta, since they sell such junk that most beta testers have long since forgotten they exist. I hadn’t clicked on one on purpose in weeks, until the beta patch removed the DiabloWikiCauldron of Jordan and forced me to find some other way to sell the occasional items the new higher crafting prices haven’t forced me to salvage. (But that’s an article for another day.)

Another possibility is the various boarded up houses. Perhaps the Artisans just take over some space in an existing dwelling while in Act One, and don’t have their full wagons until Act Two? There are a number of such houses in Tristram, that could easily be converted into storefronts.

Another option feels like cheating, but it’s a possibility. What if the version of New Tristram we’re seeing in the beta is as modified as the rest of the beta content? It’s entirely possible that the layout of town, and the whole size and structure, has been tweaked for the beta. To avoid showing spoilers, to avoid wasted space where the other Artisans will be located later on, etc.

I don’t think that’s the case though, as there are one or two spaces that look suitable for the Jeweler and Mystic to set up shoppe. The most obvious is right behind the Slaughtered Calf Inn, where some wood cutting has been going on. It’s not too far from the main hub of town, there’s room for wagons (if some trees are shifted around), and the angle is right. Another possibility is the other firewood station way to the left rear of town, on the way to the Ferryman. That seems less likely though, since it’s so far from the waypoint and the stash, and we know that everything in Diablo III is all about convenience and accessibility. Pics of both those areas can be seen below.

Could be, eh? I’d planned to leave this little article here, since this seemed like an issue you guys would have enjoyed debating. Unfortunately, actual information has interrupted, thanks to a few pics RisingRed took from a beta emulator. They show the Jeweler and Mystic in Tristram, and though the open interface windows obscure much of the scenery, it sure looks like they’re in the firewood clearing behind the Inn. That’s the only open ground space with a streetlamp in front of it and red/yellow leaves behind, at least.

That said, the emulator isn’t necessarily showing the final version of the town, and as we know with Diablo III, everything remains subject to change, until it’s done.

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21 thoughts on “The Artisans: Where Do They Fit in Tristram?

  1. The second-to-last is where the jeweler is. The mystic is before the little path to the blacksmith’s cellar. I didn’t think to take screens of the locations but it’s on the minimap, and the areas where the carts are, the player cannot walk into. They’re blocked off by invisible walls.

    But as said in the post, this isn’t like it’s gospel or anything and I’ve kind of wondered about it myself because each wagon “component” is actually a selectable gizmo. I don’t know if you can highlight them in the actual beta, but each blacksmith gizmo has a purpose like “forge armor” or “repair” which was dreadfully curious.

    • Okay, so I went through all of my screenshots (over 3,000 of them -.-).
      I found these two:

      Jeweler icon on the minimap:


      Now this next shot has two things. The mystic on the minimap, of course. And something else. I cannot describe it. You’ll just have to see it.
      Out of all 3,000+ screenshots I’ve saved of my experiences in the non-beta, this is easily the best I’ve ever taken. Easily.


  2. Flux, the artisans are already in their places in the emulator, all 3 of them. To bad they didn’t make the emulator to work with patch 5, yet.

  3. so the artisians always travel with you? from act to act? isnt that quite unrealistic?
    btw: can armor dyes be emulated? can u tell me what happens if you dye demon hunter high heels invisible? will she tip toe arround because the boots are invisible? will she walk like a normal barefooted person? or will it show the boots that are shown when you dont equipt any boots?
    i so much hope i can have a female demon hunter without !/()!%”IAOÖÄ”( ?%)=?!”% high hells. im quite sure all fem DH boots got heels; plz correct me if im wrong

      • those are two different things. magic is realistic in sanctuary. hammers emanating out of “nowhere” are realistic. and high heels? ur telling me that in sanctuary high heels give special powers because of their high heel? “DH: why cant i wear normal boots? these heels are so impractical for fighting.. mercant: no! no! the heels are what gives these shoes power! trust me”

        • humans are regaining their nephalem powers (hence nephalem totem for reskilling) so their can pull hammers out of anywhere now

        • Yeah I know magic is so realistic in sanctuary.  With spells like Meteor and Wave of Light its almost real life…

        • when it comes to gaming, apart from realism, style and theme are also important to keep in some sort of continuity. (in this case dh’s are supposed to be the sex appeal class)
          anyone could say any part of any game is unrealistic on that note. but the truth of that would be is that we are just drawing arbitrary lines of where we want fantasy to come in and realism to come in. so we can have a demon hunter shooting dual wielding cross bows (reloading), with a limitless supply of bolts (again wheres the reload?), while sprouting demon cursed wings from her back and that is acceptable. but the instant she does it in high heels you reel back and say “hey now wait a minute there…that’s too far”. in that case fine. EVERY pair of shoes in diablo comes with a built in modifier that says “acts and feels like running shoes”.

    • If you use vanishing dye on a piece of armor, it stops displaying. What is then displayed is the native “naked” look. In the case of the female demon hunter, the naked look for her feet would be black boots with stiletto heels.

    • How are traveling artisans with their own carts following you in a caravan because they feel some loyalty to you (and you kind of make them rich) unrealistic?

  4. Tristram looks really good. The environment graphics are a big step up from DII. But the lighting is a little garish. You know? Candles make golden light; lanterns are blood red. Every skill is an explosion of pure primary and secondary colors. It’s like they’re trying too hard. This game has nothing to do with real life – it’s not supposed to. But would it benefit from a dose of realism? I think it might.

  5. Leah’s pretty irresponsible, leaving an open fire like that unattended. It could burn the inn down.

    • Also, it’s kind of odd that the inn looks like it has a second story and yet there are no stairs leading up to it inside…

  6. Am I the only one that finds the asterisk above the blacksmith’s head and on the minimap annoying? Are all the artisans going to have that? Why aren’t their icons on the minimap based on what they are, like an anvil for the blacksmith, a cauldron or a staff for the mystic and a gem for the jeweler? The asterisk just doen’t match the rest of the game… and neither does that computer icon on the menu button… 👿

    • The minimap is really really cluttered. Even in the emulator(s), where many of the icons aren’t even present. It’s rather ridiculous, the amount of flashing crap they throw at you on the screen what with the pop-ups, kill streaks, level-up fanfare, all that jazz. And this is without achievements, even.

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