The $5 Good Morning Sanctuary Post

What a weird week this has been for the game. There has been reports of dupes, trade scams, posters rumoured to being paid to post positive stuff on the official forums for $5 and missing CMs.

Right now the community on the official site has just about fallen apart with a CM team that have quite simply vanished. A support team that won’t answer some of the serious questions regarding important trade and auction house issues like the UNID problem we highlighted on Sunday. There have been more mails in tonight to the Diablo: IncGamers ‘news desk’ regarding dupes (thanks Radeoni)  and the evidence is starting to stack up,  but we’ll leave off that until we can get some proper confirmation from Blizzard (if they are still reading the problems).

Simply put, Blizzard has vanished! My theory on this is everyone has been pulled to one side for a serious meeting about what’s to be done and we will see a flurry of action and updates soon enough. At least I am hoping this is what’s happening. In the meantime Blizzard are focusing on shiny distractions like the goblin music track they posted on their site earlier.

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    7 thoughts on “The $5 Good Morning Sanctuary Post

    1. Would you want to post in the forums if you were a blue? They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I’d avoid the forums like the plague at this point.

      • If I were an exec I would force a blue presence on the forums. Do you know why? To avoid exactly what Rush said in his post here.

        Is it more damning to have no exposure to the company while the game is being perceived as dying, or is it more damning to talk about it openly?

    2. blues can’t even defend their own game because they realize its crap now too along with everybody else.

    3. It seems as if luck is on your side because a couple hours later an update from mike morhaime appeared:)

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