1381251_219622204866410_963004160_nThe Thanksgiving holiday is tomorrow in the US, and while our traditional celebrations include gluttony in food, televised gladiatorial violence, and commerce (making it the most American of holidays).

    Littered amongst those main courses is a bit of introspection or reflection (both very un-American traits) and people sometimes take a moment to think what they have to be thankful for this year. (This part of the ceremony is especially amusing to apply towards spoiled children, who will look up from stuffing a second slice of pie into their face and insist they’ve got nothing to be thankful for since Daddy wouldn’t buy them the newest iPhone.) Assuming those of you reading this aren’t quite as spoiled as that… what do we have to be thankful for this year in the realm of Diablo 3?

    For me, the game is vastly improved over where it was at launch, we’ve got regular new content patches, the PTR is in swing with a community buff worthy of any T-Day gluttony, Jay Wilson and Bashiok live on only in jokes and rueful memories, and there’s hope for the next expansion announcement coming in the new year.

    What do you guys feel thankful for in regards to Diablo 3 or the overall Diablo community? Or will you live up to the true spirit of the Internet, and be thankful only for a fresh opportunity to offer complaints and negativity?

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