I’ve been reposting my Diablo II comedy short stories, written in 2002-2003, on the appropriate holidays over the past year+. The most recent installment went up earlier this year on Easter, and the fifth and final full-sized story in the series should have been posted last month on Halloween. Thanks to all the Blizzcon activity and some RL activities, I forgot all about it, and only remembered that I’d forgotten it last week, as I noticed the US Thanksgiving holiday approaching. So, here’s the final epilogue-style installment in my humorous fan fiction series from back in the day, plus the Halloween one I should have reposted last month.

    If you’ve never read any of these stories before, it’s best if you start with the first one; there are links on top of each of them in the FFF. All of the stories include reposted author notes from 2003, as well as a bunch of quoted reader feedback. Looking those over, I see that this final T-day installment was by far the least-appreciated of the whole series. (If almost entirely because people felt it was too short/abrupt, and they wanted MOAR.) No author likes to go out on that note, but I did, since I never continued this comedy/action/satire series beyond 2003.

    Continuing it/rebooting it with Diablo III chars is not out of the question. In fact, it might be better/easier with D3, since the male/female versions double the possibilities, plus characters actually have personalities (in the game) this time around. I have no plans for further stories in the series, but a few funny ideas have popped into my head over the past couple of years. It’s hard not to think of amusing character interactions with the various memes that evolve in this community; the old, disrespected, Necromancer-envying male Witch Doctor, the wimpy male Wizard, the manly female Monk, the amnesic male Barbarian, the over-compensating male Demon Hunter, etc. It’ll be nice when we know something about the monsters as well, so the heroes and demons can play off of each other.

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