This evening the B.net forums saw a couple of posts from Vaeflare, a CM I’ve never noticed before. In them he dropped a few subtle hints encouraging readers to assist Blizzard in spreading the word about the impending release of Diablo III.

    Keep up the great work on contributing to the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise site! The first mysterious, unlockable piece looks to be close at-hand. 🙂

    Bear in mind that the more you contribute, “like,” and “share” goodies from the website, the closer you will be to unlocking further Diablo III secrets. So it’s up to you to rise to the occasion, gather the force of the community, and move that percentage marker forward.

    just what exactly can we do to further the promo site unlockables?? Besides sharing and liking?
    “Sharing” and “liking” content is really the biggest thing you can do that will help speed things along. Not only can you create a banner to earn an exclusive in-game sigil each week, but there are loads of banner entries to share and like in the Mark of Valor Gallery and we’re adding more all the time!

    You can also share the pages for each Diablo III hero class as they are unlocked, which presently includes the demon hunter and barbarian.

    Another place to get involved is the Art Contest Gallery. There you can share and like the great artwork that is just starting to pour in from fan artists from near and far. They are certainly pumped to take a stab at illustrating heroes from the world of Sanctuary and to share their creations with Diablo players from around the world. Want to have a chance to see your own artwork up on the website? Grab those pens, pencils, and paints, submit your original art, and share your passion with us!

    Spread the good word and remember to check back frequently to indulge in all of the new content and submissions we have rolling in, and to ensure you’ve done all you can to help move that percentage meter along.

    Like the future of Sanctuary, it’s very much in the hands of you, the players. 🙂

    Tempted though I am by the opportunity to devote hours of my free time to the viral marketing of Diablo III… the progress meter is just a calendar. Math time! The D3 reveal pages went live last week with the progress bar at 0% and 40 days until launch. Today it reached 10% with 35 days to go and unlocked the first special feature box. On Friday or Saturday it will reach 20% and we’ll get another special feature, hopefully one that devotes less than a third of its running time to bad facial hair.

    I’m not here to tell you not to throw yourself into doing Blizzard PR’s job for them, but if you’re expecting your efforts to make the earth rotate more quickly and thus bring May 15th sooner, as advanced in 10% increments, you may be disappointed.

    I added below the fold a list of all the planned content for the progress bar unlocks. You might want to skip reading it, because SPOILERS!!!1!

    All info datamined from the Bliz page; may be subject to minor adjustments. The % complete amounts and projected dates are not listed on the page, but I’ve added them since it’s pretty obvious that 9 updates = the 9 secret boxes that we’ll get at 10%, 20%, 30%, etc.

    0% — April 5, 2012. Reveal page goes live.

    10% — Developer Diary I, April 10.
    Game Director Jay Wilson, Art Director Christian Lichtner, and Lead Software Engineer Jason Regier sat down last spring to discuss the state of Diablo III development in this exclusive first video installment of Developer Diaries.

    20% — Diablo III: Book of Cain, April 14(ish)
    The following comes from the bloodstained pages of Deckard Cain’s own illustrated journal, Book of Cain. Brimming with forgotten knowledge, this tome puts forth the histories of Sanctuary and realms beyond in an attempt to forestall the End of Days.

    30% — Developer Diary II, April 18(ish)
    (No details yet revealed.)

    40% — Developer Diary III, April 22(ish)
    On May 3, 2011, Jay Wilson, Christian Lichtner, and Jason Regier reconvened to discuss some of their biggest challenges going into the Diablo III testing and localization phases in this third video installment of Developer Diaries.

    50% — BlizzCast 17, April 26(ish)
    Our own Rob Simpson talks Diablo III item, quest, and sound design with Senior Designer Jason Bender, Senior Sound Designer Kris Giampa, and Lead Content Designer Kevin Martens. What are the best ways to capture the sound of bones breaking? Find out in this BlizzCast 17 video exclusive.

    60% — Diablo III: The Order, April 30(ish)
    Explore this chilling excerpt from The Order, an upcoming novel recounting Deckard Cain’s struggles against the forces of evil alongside his mysterious young charge, Leah. This story takes place years before the events of Diablo III.

    70% — Developer Diary IV, May 3(ish)
    With internal testing complete and the game launch rapidly approaching, Jay Wilson, Christian Lichtner, and Jason Regier share what they’ve learned over the course of Diablo III’s development, how they’ll spend their time after the game releases, and final thoughts they’d like to leave you with in this fourth video installment of Developer Diaries.
    Developer Diary V


    90% — Class Wallpapers, May 10(ish)
    Congratulations! Your actions yield for you new treasures of true artistry. Choose any of the desktop wallpapers here to champion your favorite hero.

    100% — Diablo: Wrath, May 14(ish)
    Long before the creation of Sanctuary, the Eternal Conflict between angels and demons raged on for untold millennia. Blizzard Entertainment teamed up with renowned director Peter Chung and acclaimed animation studio Titmouse to create this unique vision of a fundamental moment in the battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

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