Telegraph Picks Sanctuary as Top Videogame World

The Daily Telegraph has run a feature looking at the top fifteen videogame worlds and it looks like Sanctuary made the list at number nine. Other worlds that made their list include Azeroth, Myst, Albion, and oddly enough, Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom to name a few.

Thanks to mrshift for sending that over.

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  1. I see it at number 6, since they appear to have put the “best one” at the last image position (Azeroth, with part of the caption reading “It’s this ever-evolving nature and richness of detail and character that arguably makes Azeroth the finest video game fantasy world of them all.”)

  2. LOL where are the fkn list numbers. Yeah I thought it was backwards, so Diablo was pretty high

  3. Hooray, Mario!

    Also, what an awful and hard to interpret format.

  4. I don’t think the ordering is very thought out or important to them. More just showcasing awesome video game worlds. I agreed with a lot of the list, quite nice 🙂

  5. Ecco the Dolphin (1992).  Nothing like it before or since.

  6. I’m glad they put Albion in there, I’ve been a big fan of Lionhead Studios since the first Black & White…

  7. Xeen. It was so big it even had 2 sides.
    Norrath. 17 expasions, 375+ zones + the EQ 2 version and all its expansions. Just on sure volume of content and history alone it should be on the list. You could have started playing EQ the day WoW came out and you probably still would not have seen the entire world by now.

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