Taiwanese Police Investigate Diablo 3 Sales Fraud

The Taiwanese police have been investigating online fraud related to Diablo 3 since the game launched according to ZDNetAsia. Since launch, the Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau have recorded fraudulent reports of online game sales amounting to NT$150,000 (US$4,994). The article gives one example of how gamers are targetted.

The report cited Chen, 27, as an example of someone who lost money to fraudulent online sales. On May 16, Chen contacted a seller on Yahoo Taiwan’s auction site through e-mail to inquire about a collector’s edition of Diablo III which was tagged at NT$4,500 (US$150). The seller called back to tell Chen only one set of the game was left in stock and that he would need to transfer the funds immediately to secure the puchase. Chen transferred the money later that evening. However, the next day, Yahoo Taiwan’s auction site sent an e-mail, informing Chen the seller was part of a fraud criminal ring.

It’s always a risk buying from an individual, but with CEs in short supply you can understand why some people hit the auction sites. Remember kids, always be careful!

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  1. He was bound to have something like this happen eventually if he’s that gullible, he won’t be getting that money back.

  2. Sometimes I don’t feel proud to be Taiwanese… This is one of them

  3. Selling ocean front property in North Dakota. PM me.

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