These 10 honorable mention entries in the Swords fan art contest were chosen by Ben Boos, and are submitted for your approval. Look over all of the images (attached below), view them full size to get a really good look, and then place your vote. You may vote for 2 of them. (We’ll be checking IP#s, so if you register 50 alts just to vote up your own image, you will be sorry.)

    The top two vote getters will win an autographed copy of D2 artist Ben Boos’ Swords book. You may comment in this thread to argue for your favorite image. Don’t insult or argue against others, though. That’s not cool; no one’s a professional here, and it will get your post deleted.

    This vote will remain open until September 9th, 2008, the day Ben’s book is released.

    diablo, by johntorrio

    Contemplation, by akanekun

    Barbarian, by masablasta

    Battle with Diablo, by Snortsch

    Female Necromancer Summons the Dark Lord, MMINC

    King Leoric, by DefiledVisions

    Mistress of Pain—Awkward Sword-Legs Version, Kaeros

    Fear her Poison, by nehvah

    When the Darkness will come… my sword will be there again!, by pattedeloup

    Appetite for Destruction, by novaumas

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