The second (of five) issues of the Diablo III comic, Sword of Justice went on sale recently, and here’s Blizzard’s news item about it.

    The Dreadlands are being corrupted by madness, causing its victims to open their flesh and lash out at friend and foe alike. Jacob, a young fugitive from the city of Staalbreak, may be Sanctuary’s only hope to stop this plague before it consumes or destroys mankind. His destiny is bound to a mysterious sword and the woman who watches over it, but his own troubled soul may keep him from embracing its true power in time.

    here’s Blizzard’s news itemI’ve managed to lay hands on the first two issues, and have written up a short synopsis of the plot of both, with special attention paid to anything that directly relates to the world state/lore/plot of Diablo III. You can see those, plus some of the key pages from each issue, on the DiabloWikiSword of Justice wiki article. The articles are spoilery for the comic’s plot (which is pretty bland thus far, through two issues), but the info about D3 itself is pretty minimal, so you can read it without fear.

    An interesting tidbit from Issue two, which you can see in the three sample images below; the story in issue two ends with Jacob and the female Wizard Shanar teleporting to the Black Marsh, near the Forgotten Tower of D2 fame. That’s curious, since that area was mentioned by Aaron Williams, the comic’s author, in .

    IGN: How much freedom did you have as far as developing the story? Was it an intentional decision to distance the book from the characters and locales of the games?

    Williams: I had quite a lot of freedom, so long as I didn’t contradict or run into game content that Diablo III was going to establish. That is, I had to make sure my wizard character, Shanar, used the spells at her disposal in the game, especially in combat. I also had a scene that was going to take place at the Forgotten Tower, but that area is, shall we say, “spoken for” and we didn’t want to either spoil it or have the player think, “but this comic says two people came here and trashed the place already. How come it’s not a smoking crater?” This wasn’t as restrictive as it sounds, really, as most of the story takes place in an unexplored area of the Dreadlands.

    As you see in the images below, they are at the Forgotten Tower in thef Black Marsh, but apparently not for long. I’m more interested in the mention of that area as “spoken for” by the D3 plot. Neither the Forgotten Tower or the Countess of Blood are seen in the datamined areas of Act One, but there must be a return visit in Diablo III… at some point?

    an interview from last year

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