“Sword of Justice,” Diablo 3 Comic Book Announced

The initial video of the Blizzard Merch panel from the SDCC only covered the first 23 minutes, and didn’t break any new ground. Now that Gamespot has posted video of the the full 58 minute session, our resident Sherlock Holmes Fmulder sat through the whole thing and found new DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Merchandise news.

Amid all of the talk of Starcraft and Wowcraft comics and graphics novels and other such merch, they slipped in the reveal of an upcoming Diablo III comic book. It’s going to be called “DiabloWikiSword of Justice.” It’s an original five volume miniseries: Written by Aaron Williams. Artwork by Joseph Lacroix. Colored by Dave Stewart.

The story takes place during the twenty years between the end of D2 and the start of D3. The protagonist is a young man named Jacob who lives somewhere near the Mount Arreat Crater. As we know, Tyrael used his sword to destroy the Worldstone in the concluding plot event of D2X, then vanished and has not been seen since. Tyrael’s sword did not vanish though. It remained in the mortal realm after Tyrael’s disappearance, and somehow sent visions into Jacob’s head, leading him to discover the weapon. Mega-twink! Jacob takes the weapon and by it is compelled to serve as the “avatar of justice” on Sanctuary.

Here’s what the Bliz presenter said about the story:

It’s got a mortal hero, it’s got barbarians, it’s got demonic corruption, and a sexy wizard. Everything you could want.

The image to the right is concept art for the cover of issue one. There are a few other pen and ink sample pages shown (though they’re small and hard to make out) on the video, so if you want more watch it for those and the original telling of the info I’ve summarized above. The Diablo comic part starts around 29:40.

So does anyone have excite? Do you read comic books? Will you buy five issues of a Diablo III comic book? Are you just generally sick to death of Tyrael being the only character in every Diablo story?

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  1. There weren’t many details given about the story, though I bet we already know how it goes, given the familiar archetypes all of Blizzard’s tales seem to follow. Jacob’s probably an orphan or at least doesn’t fit in. He finds the super powerful weapon, is afraid to use it, but it awakens inner strength he didn’t know he had. Learning to control the sword is a tremendous challenge, he’s nearly killed by some local badguy, gets semi-rescued by some wizard type, and together they take on a much larger enemy.

    Can Joseph learn to control the mighty weapon? Is he being driven insane by the ancient visions and prophecies it’s pushing into his mind? Will he beg a hand job from the hottie wizard?

    Or perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe it’s entirely different and original and there are unexpected twists and turns, and it’s not just another predictable bildungsroman/Joseph Campbell hero myth.

    There’s a first time for everything, right?

    • well – i think the whole thing with the weapon would be pretty cheesy / weak , since they already did exactly this story with Warcraft 3 / tft expansion,
      on the other hand i wouldn`t expect much either , most comics based on a franchise which is popular for reasons other than their comics tend to be rather weak. eg i bought the Sc2 war-pig comic. the illustrations were overall pretty good – but from the narration / Story side of things – gee … i have read 1k word short stories with more content than the whole series of that comic – and than the cheesy one liners ….

    • “Will he beg a hand job from the hottie wizard?”
      If she’s as hot at the one from the last fan-art update then I will buy 2 copies 😉

  2. I wonder if we gonna meet Jacob with Tyrael’s sword in hand in Diablo 3.

  3. Guess I don’t have to read the comic after that summary Flux 🙂 handjobs not withstanding.
    I don’t really read comics but I did enjoy the story in the Diablo series. Though part of me thinks it was mainly “how” it was told rather than the actual story itself, the voice acting, music etc all contributed a lot especially in Diablo 1. Though being a fan I’ll probably check it out in some capacity.

    • Agree totally. Diablo games draw you in because of the atmosphere, not really the next twist or turn in the story as in Bioware games. As long as Blizzard senses that ominous pulse of all Diablo story arcs, be in in the game or a comicbook (given SC2’s kiddish story treatment I am slightly worried they may not) actual story events dont matter a LOT. In fact the storyline you suggested, Flux, seems damned good to me if they can actually develop it well 😛

  4. I used to read a lot of comics, but it’s been a few years. I still have the D2 comic from darkhorse sitting around somewhere. I’ll likely pass on this.

  5. It’s got a mortal hero, it’s got barbarians, it’s got demonic corruption, and a sexy wizard. Everything you could want.

    They forgot one important thing that I would want: A good plot. Along with Flux, I’m skeptical that they will deliver on that.
    More than that though, I’m worried that they’re going to start making Diablo 3’s major plot points incomprehensible unless you also delve into their novels and comic books, which I have zero interest in doing.

  6. The sword absorbed the essence of Baal after it crashed into the worldstone and Jacob finds this out while Baal is spiritually molesting his body and it goes from there.

  7. I find the idea that Tyrael has been living without his sword for 20 years in Heaven kindof strange. It was his prime weapon after all. So….could this mean he was somehow…incapacitated….immediately after he destroyed the worldstone?

    A possibility: Tyrael is imprisoned inside Heaven for his unpardonable feat of destroying the worldstone by the rest of the Council (remember the mysterious artwork about an angel in a floating-tower-thing?). After 20 years, somehow, he breaks free, and escapes to Sanctuary (the meteor) with a posse of angels hot on his heels. And of course, I see a Tyrael quest in Act 3, going “Go find Jacob. He has my cool sword. Kick some ass with it and give it back to me.”

  8. ….that Author’s name scares me,  My name is also Aaron Williams,  just a different middle name. Now i really want to go and work on my fan fiction again…
    Also I want this series as a graphic novel plz! lol

  9. Hopefully, the story ends w/ everyone dead or evil or Evil Dead. I mean, Diablo’s story threads always end in outright nihilism. The good guys never really win, or when they do, the outcome might be worse for everyone involved. So as long as we get good characters, see them struggle and persevere, get emotionally attached to them and excited about their journeys, then to have it all burnt to cinders b/c Sanctuary is a dark and gritty and gothic place, everything should be golden, right?
    But in all seriousness, of course it will be pretty cliche. This isn’t the appropriate space for experimentation on narrative, plot or characters. You’re more likely to come out w/ an incomprehensible mess of a story that’s hard to follow, or characters that you don’t care about b/c they are so weird and un-relateable. Creating something wholly original AND good is catching lightning in a bottle. You don’t gamble that on a single mini-series for a potential blockbuster game. If Blizz had a gazillion of books to try different stuff w/, then sure, go wild.

    • “Creating something wholly original AND good is catching lightning in a bottle.” Agree wholeheartedly, and 6 years (2005-2011) is a LOT of time for a studio like Blizzard to develop an out-of-the-world story for a 4-act game. I mean, Tolkien wrote the whole of LOTR over twelve years, for chrissake.

  10. I’m just curious to know if the sin war trilogy was any good? Cause I’ve been thinking about reading it since we still have a while to wait till the game comes out.

    • Well that depends on what you want. Many of those books are situated around the event timeline of D2 or just after. They’re a pretty damn good read. Moon Of The Spider is a true rollercoaster! Haven’t read the Sin War yet. Kingdom of Shadow in Ureh is pretty good too, the Necromancer protagonist is a very interesting character and he returns in the Moon of the Spider.

    • I read the sin wars and it was pretty bad in many different ways. the worst of which is that the central character really just became a super hero(which is a lame in the diablo universe setting) with really limitless powers.
      the entire sin wars novels can be summed up in: ” humans you have limitless power by your birthright, that is being born of angels and demons”, and I don’t need to go too deep to point out that this theme throws away all prospects of good character development.

    • I loved the sin war books. Also Kingdom of shadow and the moon of the spider are essential reads for the diablo fan. The other books have a completely different writing style that isn’t enjoyable imo. But the lore from each book is pretty simple, there was a wiki that explained all the important bits of info somewhere so really you don’t have to spend a week reading them all if you didn’t want to.

  11. “……everything you could want.”

    It don’t have a beta start date, so obviously they don’t really know what we want! Hmm should we be concerned about that?

  12. by all that the diablo 3 crew hold sacred, DO NOT make the diablo franchise the next epic fantasy world and it’s characters superheros. the diablo series should be more about the demons and to a lesser degree the angels, sure we should be placed in the perspective of humans in the game, but it should all be about how terrible the demons are, and how they inflect horrible physical and mental harm on the humans involved. the demons in the diablo universe are not just big monsters they are incarnation of evil, their mental prowess and cruelty should be just as bad as their powerful bodies and vicious weapons.
    all this was what made D1 and to a lesser degree D2 so cool! have we all forgot what diablo did to leoric, leroic’s son, Lazarus and the Marius fellow in D2 cinematics.
    this never released track of diablo 2 gives a perfect feel for what the diablo universe should feel like.

  13. I’ll be grabbing them where I can. Although they are probably just side stories, I don’t want to miss anything. I imagined Tyraels sword would be buried deep within the cavern under all that worldstone rubble and stone :-\ Guess we’ll see

  14. Is the comic book going to an M rating similar to the game?

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