Sword of Justice Cover Art Revealed

Blizzard has released the full color version of the cover art for the first issue of DiabloWikiSword of Justice, their upcoming, five-issue, Diablo III comic book. The project was announced last month during the SDCC, but we only got some concept art sketches at that point.

Here’s the official blurb quoted from IGN; it adds a few details to what we already knew, and thanks go, as usual, to fmulder for the find.

“From the world and legends of Sanctuary, the setting for the award-winning Diablo video game, comes the tale of a hero’s birth. Jacob has fled from his homelands in the north, hunted by his kinsmen for the crime of murder. Led by the visions of an ancient prophet, pursued by his childhood friend, Jacob finds his destiny in a desert cave at the foot of a mountain carved in two by the sword of an archangel– Tyrael. But will Jacob be able to claim the sword that could save his people, if not the world, before he’s brought to ‘justice?'”

See the DiabloWikiSword of Justice DiabloWiki article for more details; basically the kid finds Tyrael’s supersword after Tyrael vanishes after shattering the Worldstone, teams up with a hottie female wizard, and adventure ensues. The release date for issue one (of five) is set for November 23, 2011.

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13 thoughts on “Sword of Justice Cover Art Revealed

  1. Normally I like to blame anime inspiration on the devs for WoW’s and D3’s ridicules item looks, but I gotta admit that that cover art looks closer to Diablo then D3 ever did.

  2. Who writes this? if it’s Knaack I’m going to stay far away from it, his writing is awful.
    But yes, the cover art is actually quite nice.

  3. Abit off topic but does anyone know if there is gonna be Legendary weapons in diablo 3 like world of warcraft? I’m thinking that this could be one of those weapons!

    • well legendary weapons are in the game – however they are the equivalent of the “epic” weapons in WoW thus they are technically not what you asked for

      • Thought they were called unique in Diablo and not “Legendary” like WoW. But yeah i’m asking for the Legendary in WoW cause they were really hard to get.

        • yeah they basically renamed uniques -> legendaries
          they havent announced any kind of Costum tailored items (costum tailored by the Diablo design team)  which are higher than Legendaries , maybe there will be something like that further down the road – but i dont see a reason why such items couldnt also be Legendaries. i mean in diablo 2 there were also  a bunch of Unique (legendary in d3) items which had a reference to the Lore of Sanctuary
          however i wouldnt bet anything on it – Blue people said that Rare items with good item level and good affix level will be potentially the best items in the game – but a perfect roll on desireable affixes are accordingly hard to get.
          whereas in WoW – they are no completely randomly generated items at all ( i think they are some for crafting ; however the rolls are fairly predictable – and even if you get a “perfect roll” for an crafted item – this item is still likely to be worse than 95% of the raidgear for the same slot.

          • You are right I remember now the devs saying that rare items would be the strongest in game. Hopefully they add “legendary” items like wow in the future, that you need to do some crazy quest to get and craft.

  4. Is that Mike Mignola? I didn’t think he ever worked on anything other than Hellboy. I guess I can ask him next time he pops in to my local shop.

  5. Sword of Justice is a five-part Diablo III comic by DC Comics, authored by Aaron Williams and illustrated by Joseph Lacroix. It will start selling in November 2011.


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