Fmulder points us to an interview with the writer of the five issue miniseries Diablo III comic, DiabloWikiSword of Justice, that’s just been reposted on IGN. It’s got some interesting tidbits about the comic, and about how its story ties into the lore of Diablo III.

    Two quick quotes, though you should check out the whole thing:

    IGN: What can you say about the mystical sword Jacob finds in the series? How does it fit into the Diablo mythology?
    Williams: It was the sword that we saw at the end of Diablo II, right before the Worldstone and Arreat exploded, so the tie-in is very direct. Who was going to pick up the blade next seems pretty straightforward in our comic, but it’s not completely clear who’s in charge of where it goes and what happens if it’s used. I recall a conversation when ironing out the details that the sword will have a major role in the future, though I’m not sure if that was planned for something in-game, in published form, or both.

    IGN: Will this book tie in directly to any of the events in Diablo III? Will gamers see a connection between the two once the game is released early next year?
    Williams: I’m told that there will be connections, as Diablo players (myself included) really dig having details, if not actual people and items, from the various stories make an appearance in the games. I’m looking forward to finding out how much gets in, myself!

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