We posted news last week about the GameX convention in Sweden, and the rumor that Blizzard would be showing Diablo III there. Sadly, it was just a rumor, and as the show enters its last day there’s nothing of Diablo III there other than the Demon Hunter cinematic. Swedish fan Seeder is at the show, and he checked in to share his disappointment.

    The only thing i saw was the cinematic trailer (no doubt it is truly epic when you can watch it on big screen with real sound) when Activision Blizzard had a panel that would have mainly focused on Black Ops but some douchbags stole debug machines so they coulden’t show anything else then Trailers/Gameplay from all of their upcoming games which of included D3/Sc2/WoW.

    On the floor they only had some computers with Cataclysm on and later showed some SC2 pro games. So it is still pretty sad to be an European regarding to Blizzard xD

    This is a shame, since so much of the world has not had any chance to see Diablo III in person, yet. Last year Blizzard took the new D3 demo to Gamescom, PAX, and various other shows after August’s Blizzcon. This year.. nothing yet.

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