A recent study has challenged the historical belief that gaming is dominated by the “overweight, solitary male.” 2,400 EverQuest II players were questioned about their habits and lifestyles and the results were a mixed bag. Although most of us realise the stereotype is woefully out of date I question some of the findings.

    • 40% were female
    • Females were most dedicated, spending more time per day playing
    • Online gamers, particularly women were healthier than the general population
    • Men more likely to play to win, women for social reasons
    • High proportion of women play with their romantic partner

    I don’t accept that 40% of the, presumably random, participants were female, if they were the selection wasn’t random. Neither do I trust that online gamers are healthier than the general population and on the flipside I’m sure we have our fair share of cola-guzzling, pizza scoffers but amongst the gamers/nongamers I know there’s little difference. The researchers offer up some theories why our communities are the way they are, none of it eyebrow-raising, but still worth a read. It concludes that as the internet has become more popular and games more advanced with more thought put into the social aspect, gaming is more accessible to a wider audience.  You can read the full article over on the BBC.

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