Surprise! Patch 14 Deployed After Delay + HC Error

Update 2: With the patch comes a new error! Error 300006 is what all people who have leveled a new character to level 10 and attempted to create a new HC character. I really have no idea why they didn’t wipe all the characters because half of my characters are in full red gear.
Update: The patch is now deployed! You can now download the patch.

For all of those awaiting all of the streams that will be debuting patch 14, or to jump in the game yourself, you won’t be able to hop on to watch or play until 9 PM at least. Since we are on Blizzard time, it is always advised to tack on 3 or more hours to a projected time. Technical issues always arise, so never be surprised when a patch gets delayed.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Thursday, March 8th, at 11:00 a.m. PST and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 9:00 p.m. PST. During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Further delays will be updated on this article.

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    28 thoughts on “Surprise! Patch 14 Deployed After Delay + HC Error

        • Increased monster damage means I may be able to die on purpose to see what happens to dead HC chars in D3. If you don’t care about it then that’s fine, but I do.

    1. Don’t get optimistic. It will be midnight or later before we get our fingers and hands working! (disclaimer: not meant to induce nasty thoughts)

    2. Dear Blizzard: Please delay until such time as I finish work (~2 hours). Thank you.
      For once, I am happy to be in an Australian timezone!

    3. Exciting news for the fans. FInally we get a taste of the real deal and I’ll be curius to see what people’s first impressions will be.

    4. If it’s anything like the last patch I’ll be waiting until 1 AM…
      This is a rather boring patch so I won’t be waiting up like I did last time.

    5. and you people… are excited about Hardcore in the beta.. why? Other than to see the graveyard, you shouldn’t be dying in the beta, ever. It’s next to impossible to. Not once have I died yet

      edit: and I some how highly doubt the increased monster damage will be /that/ great a difference.

    6. Tried the patch, 

      hardcore mode won’t work, deploys an error. Sent info to IncGamers, hopefully they’ll post it! 

    7. hey guys. I was pumped to see the new patch come out and i just jumped on d3 to check it out. i always played monk and they didnt wipe my char so i played as my  lvl 13 monk. I noticed this time around that his Base Attack speed has been completely nerfed. I get it.. they want me to see the three stages to the moves that are spirit gainers, they do look nice and all, but now i feel like I’m playing a slow clunky class and its tedious better yet annoying. I’m currently using deadly reach and dashing strike. it feels completely silly having him slowly do his punches and then super quickly dash to a new group of guys. He’s currently equipped with FIST WEAPONS which IMO should not be fkin slow. That’s the reason we use fist weaps instead of heavy swords.  all in all i feel like i’m using a monk with robes that weight more then the barbs metal armor.  maybe if i didn’t get to play with him before this patch my opinion would be different.  i hope someone feels the same.  

      • and now i just realize that the fist weapons that i had crafted him are now required level 17 and are red with a lock but still on my character. WTF BLIZZARD

      • Ignore my FAIL plz.. i got my monk |3o|\|3|2 back..
        such a 1:45 am fail.. i blame blizzard 20% .

        no crafting of monk fist weapons till lvl 25 it seems.. guess the ones i made before just became collector items. (sold for 30g a piece)T T

    8. Best beta patch yet. Played an untwinked barb to skeleton king. I had to use a potion several times, and almost died twice on skeleton king. Hardcore is not enabled though. Button is greyed out and says you must complete normal with a character.

    9. Hardcore mode does not work and it says you must still complete normal campaign.  My nice level 13 axe that I crafted is now level 14 and I cannot use it! At least I have rings and an amulet saved from patch 13 which supposedly cannot drop anymore in patch 14.

      It now costs a whopping 10,000 gold to buy 14 stash slots.  That is all I noticed in the first few minutes of playing patch 14.  I wonder if gold is easier to get now due to increased costs I see like increased repair costs and more expensive vendor items.

      Update: Some more changes I noticed are the ash urns leading up to Leoric seem to have less of a chance to drop gold now and also in his throne room. Leoric gives more gold for completing the quest now, ~ 840g.

      I have a level 13 so I did not notice any major changes in damage while tanking either Leoric or really anything else so far. It could be because I out leveled and out geared the content but still it doesn’t seem major based on playing. Actually never mind Leoric definitely hits harder now that I tanked him again on another run. There was no need to use a potion or anything though.

      You can no longer move while attempting to leave a game. I used to leave as soon as Leoric died and pick up the items as the counter is going down and it would leave right when I pick them all up. This strategy is gone now.

      Public games are still glitchy where it is telling me this time that I have no games in my level range. A work around for this is to set your quest for the reign of the black king quest and then join a single player game. I have found I can leave the single player game and now public games for that quest are opened up again.

      In game I am also still seeing the name glitch where someone’s name is “[]” when chatting.

      The sound effect when leaving an area with a town portal has also been changed.

      The Royal Crypts waypoint is near the start instead of the end now.

    10. Patch 14 is an ultimate fail the game is becoming a huge cockie cutter and the crafting system is silly, if you are going to take away our wepons atleast give us new craft recipes for the new low lvl specced weapons. I HATE IT! Magic find stats are broken now to. Diablo 3 the new world of warcrap. I want diablo 2 revamped not diablo 3 with a book cover re-glossed in shiny print that says “Diablo 3 = WoW(fail)” Talk about the most disappointing patch since CU release on ‘Star Wars Galaxies’ where is the uniqueness and personal choices that no games have now and probablly never will during our nations ruh tard era of mass production and fail. thank god 13 y.o. chinese boys will be playing this game again and farming gold so i can pay someone to lvl a character that i will not have any enjoyment in playing until end game content once again.
      Also i realize i am just a nerd raging but i just get tired of the same crap different n[g]ame or screw up on a patch….gets old i want new!!! not cookie cut bs! stop being vaajayjays and try something new and grow a pair.

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