Blizzard has made another small change to the Monk-friendly Sunwuko’s Set, coming up in the next patch on the PTR, and they’d like players to give it a test drive and see how the tires respond to a firm kicking.

    Sunwuko’s Set Changes: PTR Focused Feedback Requested.

    We’ve got another update coming regarding the Sunwuko set. A slight change will be coming to the 4-piece bonus in the next PTR patch:

    Monkey King’s Garb

    • 4-piece set bonus has been slightly redesigned
      • When your decoys explode, you gain a buff that increases the damage of Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush, and Wave of Light by 500% for 3 seconds.

    This should help make this damage boost feel a little less clunky and more reliable to use in practice. As always, thank you so much for your feedback and we look forward to hearing your thoughts as we move on to the next phase of PTR testing!

    I’d love to help as I’ve been testing a Monk on the PTR this week. Unfortunately I’m stuck at 2 items from Sunwuko’s set since I have the helm and I keep finding the damn shoulders over and over again but have no luck on the gloves or amulet. Six green gloves found or gambled last night, all from the useless Invokers/Thorns set. BECAUSE RNG!

    I can, however, comment on the new Gungdo Gear bracers, with the contagious Exploding Palm… They’re great. My Monk has decent gear (mostly spares found by my DH during the community buff bonanza, so the Monk has spectacular jewelry, but just okay everything else) but felt slow in T6, and not just compared to my “effortlessly clear T6 Rifts in 3m even just with MS, without even casting using Sentries” DH. Switching to the Gungdo Gear bracers and changing skills around slightly to incorporate Exploding Palm enabled him to clear T6 about as quickly as I’d been doing T4.

    Any Rift with high density becomes an effortless flight of the hummingbird, with huge mobs of enemies crowding in and detonating in a chaining domino-effect that is a delight to behold. The weakness of the item is in not-dense rifts, or when there are monsters that run away or don’t crowd in, and those I have to track down individually, or just leave behind me since it’s not worth the time individually killing Fallen Shaman or Exarchs or Wasps, etc.

    The Gungdo Gear don’t do much/anything to help against Rift Guardians either, and I can count on a long, grindy punch-fest against Guardians, or even lesser Elites if they didn’t crowd around me with their Minions, to take damage from their death explosions. (I’m using Wave of Light along with EP, so the 4-piece Sunwuko’s bonus would definitely help chop down big targets.)

    Anyone else testing out the new Monk stuff on the PTR, or eager to get into it once the changes go live?

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