A variety of news tidbits for your weekend reading pleasure.
    [*]Eight Gamespot writers offer their gut reactions (and mugshots) about Diablo III and the direction Blizzard is heading in with their three ongoing sequels.

    [*]Something Awful has a satirical article entitled, The Internet Hates Diablo III. It’s no more offensive or vulgar than you’d expect from SA, so dig in, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

    [*]The Internet does not hate the idea that Diablo III might show up on consoles at some point, as evidenced by the many gaming sites that turned out a quick article referencing the Rob Pardo interview Eurogamer posted a couple of days ago. These include, The Game Reviews, Kotaku, GameGuru,  and PlayTM.

    [*]Info Packets has finally gotten around to posting a short article about the announcement of Diablo III, though their blurb is enlivened by them stating the game has a release date set for September, 2009. No one else has reported this and Blizzard certainly didn’t state it, so I’m going to predict a lot of angry emails to Info Packets, and them issuing a befuddled retraction in early July, 2008.

    [*]Finally, and I have indeed saved the best for last, GameMe has posted a short Witch Doctor movie. This one is the five skill demonstrations from the official site spliced together into one movie. It’s 1:46 of WD goodness! Also on GameMe is this video interview with Diablo 3’s Lead Producer, Keith Lee. He talks about the benefits of the isometric camera, monster movement speed, randomized dungeons/loot/quests, and more. Click the link or just watch it embedded below.

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