Submit Your Diablo 3 Questions to IncGamers for Blizzcon 2013

Submit Your Diablo 3 Questions to IncGamers for Blizzcon 2013

Reaper of Souls at BlizzCon with IncGamersWe just posted an article about the Diablo 3 stuff we’re eager to see from Blizzcon this year, and soon enough that speculation will become a reality. I got news today from Lylirra about when my developer interview is scheduled (Saturday morning), and there’s word of another press-only interview Saturday afternoon. And of course I’ll play as much as I can on the demo to extract first hand info about Reaper of Souls and the Crusader.

It’s handy my interview is Saturday, so I can avoid wasting any questions on stuff they will already have covered in Friday’s panels or new videos, etc. And I can ask follow ups to new info we get at the start of the show.

So, here’s your chance to get in your questions in the comments below. What do you most want to know more about? Fire away with specific questions I might ask of the devs, or just urge coverage in more general areas. I’m curious to see what you guys most want to know more about.

Don’t forget we have our BlizzCon 2013 Coverage page (let’s call it a hub) where we are collecting information home-grown and external.

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84 thoughts on “Submit Your Diablo 3 Questions to IncGamers for Blizzcon 2013

  1. 1. can we transfer our saved Demonic Essences to RoS and will they have purpose ?

    2. will you buff drop rates of legendary and set plans for blacksmith

    3. Can you provide beta keys for RoS to people who preorder it on BNet ( like with HotS for SC2)

    4. is your goal to shift game from gold economy to some other currency (items, gems, etc..)

    5. you announces 2 expansions total, is there a chance to see more ?

    6. will ladders or season runs provide some items that do not drop in non ladder games ?

    7. Will our achievements (4560) transfer, and we work on new ones, or we start from 0 in RoS ?

    8. how many new affixes for elites have you created so far ?

    9. when you remove AH, we will probably lose our AH stash (50slots). Some people have tens of thousands gems and crafting material there, too much stuff that they cant transfer to normal stash. What will happen to that ?

    10. What are the things you are most unsatisfied in D3 now and you want to improve or change them with RoS ?

    ty and hf @Blizzcon !

  2. Why does Diablo 3 suck so bad, hurr?

    No, seriously: Rephrase this as you like, but I’d like to ask something about any plans for RoS to make it so other stats are useful to classes aside from Vit and their primary. Something to take away from the linear rise of, say, Dex for a Monk accompanied by trifecta items.

    • Like, imagine if WD pets got damage and increased armour bonuses from the WD’s Str? Lower the WD and Wizard’s natural resource regen rate, but make it so Int affects all classes resource regen rate (slowly, nothing dramatic, but certainly enough that putting some Int gear on your DH means they’ll be able to rely on Discipline skills more often, for example).

      We’re going to always have DPS (and therefore the class’s main stat) at the centre of general damage output for all skills, but there are enough skills like auras, summons, totems and so on that could have interesting buffs based on other stats. If you just want to make a character who hits really hard, then you can stick to the current system of building a character, and Bashiok’s grandma can still play Diablo 3 without bruising her brain, but those that want more nuance can have it.

  3. Flux, ask them if they thought about a “defending the castle” mode, like protecting a town for certain amount of time, or a caravan, integrated in nephalem trials, or separate?

    • Events like this could be fun, but I hope this time around most events that aren’t associated with the main quest will also have lose conditions. Nothing kills a challenge like knowing that you can’t ever lose. I think this is in part why Treasure Goblins and the Crumbling Vault are fun.

      I mean why should I defend some soldiers raising the catapults when even if they are killed nothing changes. I still progress through the and still get to hear Azmodan ramble on about his super-evil plans. At the very least side quests like these should reduce the reward the player receives at the end if they mess things up.

      • I’d like to see that too. I know you weren’t saying that in comparison to Diablo 2, or any other ARPG for that matter, but isn’t this always the case, though? The only way to lose, in some way or another, is to die – but then you just run back into the fight again. It’s not like if you died on Andariel, the way to the east would stay closed and things would be different from then on, though that kind of thing would definitely be cool to see. You had the thing in D2 where not doing the Cain quest in Act 1 meant he’d charge you for identification from then on, but that was a case of not bothering to do the quest in the first place rather than failing it.

        The main thing that stands out is that it would be far more beneficial to single-player (which is no bad thing), since in multiplayer people would just rage quit if anything got messed up like that. Not that focusing on single-player (or multiplayer with people you actually know IRL) is a bad thing at all. There’s at least one quest that reduces the reward if you fail (although again, it’s more like not even trying rather than failing), which is rescuing the prisoners from their cages in Act 2.

        • I think it’s fine if you can’t fail the main quest, that is you can throw yourself at a boss however many times you want. Although I really like games where there’s a branching story-line, I don’t think Diablo is a good canditate for this.

          However, every side quest could be an interesting challenge and I don’t think it would go against the spirit of Diablo if we could fail these challenges. Let’s say we would have an event where we would have to defend a caravan. I think it would be great if instead that we could retry these however many times we want we could fail them and couldn’t retry them until they spawn again. The reward for them could be much greater as well. D3’s current design philosophy of “you can’t fail, but get better or more rewards of you do well” feels really shallow to me. I’d much rather have the possibility of failure at least in some cases. Overcoming challenges would actually feel like an accomplishment then.

          Also, I think many people like games where teamwork is extremely important and a whole team can fail because of one guy. League of Legends proves that very well. However, I do think that PvE in Diablo may not be the place to introduce concepts like this, since this could indeed easily cause old-school fans of the game to rage quit. Even though the devs had the perfect opportunity to redefine what Diablo is with D3 (and I think Jay tried to do this) this probably the reason why they didn’t. It’s all about managing peoples (at least perceived) expectations.

          • I guess with smart drops, a good way of rewarding success in these side quests would be “smarter drops”. I think the problem in general is everyone seems to play for different reasons, people go on about the tone of Diablo and how great the music of Diablo 2 is, but then most people online seem to just be blasting through content mindlessly in the daily grind, probably listening to podcasts or whatever rather than the music.

            The problem is, like a lot of things, the game has to be designed bearing in mind the worst of people. Teamwork can’t be TOO important because you might repeatedly get stuck with a load of assholes. If quests can be failed, that’s just a new way for griefers to pat themselves on the back for their bad deed of the day (look at how things had to be changed, like the loading zone put in at the west end of New Tristram, due to people using tricks to annoy other players).

            Then again, it does take away the joy of finding a group of people that AREN’T a group of immature idiots. I remember Ultima Online, that gave everyone countless opportunities to be complete bastards to each other, but people generally weren’t, and it felt very special because then it was a choice rather than the only way you could act.

  4. Is it gonna be worth doing higher MP early on in the game ? will we have something similar like when Inferno was released with ilvl 62 rarely showing in act1 and ilvl 63 rarely showing in act2 , will we have something similar in Monster Power ?
    I think this system could work if items weren’t insanely rare and when they did drop they weren’t salvage material.

    I don’t like the Console system where you farm in easy mode until you can do higher MP , would love to have some kind of risk/reward system where doing something hard could actually be rewarding.

    • This sounds good, plus I don’t want to see grandma mode in normal, it should be more like POE default difficulty level.

  5. Currently, the NPC’s shop items are exetremely poor when looking at items to buy due to the auction house and items found when playing.

    My two questions are…

    Will players be able to spend gold on NPC’s to bring back more of a particular item? For example, those gold diggers in Act 1 or smiths in Act 3 could be paid some gold to bring back/smith a certain range of items you’d like to see in the shop.

    Will there be a chance to see and buy up to rare level items in the NPC’s shops or obtain set/unique items through a Gheed like gamble feature?

  6. I hope some will be answered 🙂

    1. can we transfer our saved Demonic Essences to RoS and will they have purpose ?

    2. will you buff drop rates of legendary and set plans for blacksmith

    3. Can you provide beta keys for RoS to people who preorder it on BNet ( like with HotS for SC2)

    4. is your goal to shift game from gold economy to some other currency (items, gems, etc..)

    5. you announces 2 expansions total, is there a chance to see more ?

    6. will ladders or season runs provide some items that do not drop in non ladder games ?

    7. Will our achievements (4560) transfer, and we work on new ones, or we start from 0 in RoS ?

    8. how many new affixes for elites have you created so far ?

    9. when you remove AH, we will probably lose our AH stash (50slots). Some people have tens of thousands gems and crafting material there, too much stuff that they cant transfer to normal stash. What will happen to that ?

    10. What are the things you are most unsatisfied in D3 now and you want to improve or change them with RoS ?

    ty and hf @Blizzcon !

  7. In patch 1.0.8 Blizzard equalized the monster density across all acts because before that people were playing only act 3 over and over. What are their plans to discourage people running only act 5 over and over in regards to act 5 being fully randomized as opposed to all other acts?
    In other words are there any plans to increase the level randomization (and in lesser degree maybe even monster randomization) in first four acts?

    • well i guess people who really want to powerlevel rather have a non-randomized level to maximize their run.

      • In RoS there is a legendary that reveals your map so people who are into that can use the “map hack” legendary and it’s not even a hack!

    • [quote]What are their plans to discourage people running only act 5 over and over in regards to act 5 being fully randomized as opposed to all other acts?[/quote] I would really like to know this…

    • Additional dungeon architecture blocks for act I-IV terrain randomization have indeed never been announced as a RoS feature by Blizzard. Seeing how this would be quite an expensive undertaking in terms of capacities and budget, maybe they need to be pushed into that direction by asking …

  8. More info on all the new game modes, especially in the context of why they think players should do them, how they diversify endgame, their rewards, how they achieve the “what do I want to do today?” Goal set by the devs, etc.

    (The above includes ALL the new modes, more deetz on all of them, por favor.)

    More info on post-RoS difficulty progression. Changes to difficulty settings? How should a current non-fresh 60 progress through A5? What are they doing to ensure a smooth transition to new content? As in, I don’t want to faceroll or hit a wall because the game isn’t tuned for players that can currently do MP5 but not MP10 to start on Act 5 in the new endgame difficulty.

  9. Flux, I’d really like it if you would drill them for more information about PvP and what can we expect from it.

    Other than that, I’d like to know how trading will work without the AH. I’m glad the AH will go away, but if their plan is to reintroduce trade through chat spamming I’m gonna cry. I’m fairly sure we’ll get some official word about this during the panels as well though.

  10. ¿How many expansions for Diablo 3 are planned?

    Lets hope more than the 2 they said before now that the game is getting really good with this first expansion…

  11. 1. Smart drops and DPS inflation aside (as we’ve heard/seen all about that), I would like to hear the three things RoS is changing that they think will make legendaries truly legendary?

    2. Regarding more randomised tilesets etc. mentioned for act 5 – Will we see this applied to the previous 4 acts to further decrease the monotony of static zones in other areas of the game?

    3. How long do they envisage ladder seasons to be (assuming it’s announced and someone hasn’t already asked it)?

  12. If they haven’t already gone into some detail about it by the time you get to interview the devs, I’d love to hear more about the new skills the vanilla classes are getting. How many are we likely to see? I think in datamining there have been 2 new skills max per class so far. Hope they’ve been studying the ideas in the incgamers forums!

  13. Q: When do role players finally get some love? There’s still no character development to speak of in the game and Paragon 2.0 is no substitute for this, as it kinda does the opposite of what role players need as a base for their playing style: When do we finally get some decent “illusion of choice” (aka skill system)?

      • Ah, yeah… If asked, why Paragon 2.0 does the opposite of what role players need:

        It does offer a point sink, but that’s about it. Differentiation of a character is possible up to a certain degree, where it then swaps into the goal of working towards being the same as every other character of the same class again, apart from *tadaa* manual stats. If your advancing with the character or not plays no role – could be any other character from the account advancing. And still you’ve got the whole skill set available at once and at full power the whole time, where you just boringly can switch through to become … the same boring Knowitall, just using different parts of the skill set at the same boring full power.

        • PS: If they really have no idea for a proper skill system based on the current game, just ask them, to whom a proper idea should be pm’d to…

          Could just post it openly on BNet, but if the idea is good enough, and I’m quite sure that it is, they would perhaps be interested in keeping things down before starting the 2nd expansion hype. Also it is thought up with vanilla in mind, thus leaps into the playing field of Paragon and Loot 2.0 a bit. (… and above and far beyond!)

  14. I always wondered if the mortal Tyrael has a belly button. I mean, he is mortal, not human. He wasn’t given birth by a woman, so I wonder if he has one.

    Yes, totally random and unimportant question. I know.

    • How about a penis? That might be of more immediate concern/value to him. New angels/demons are not created in any biological way, as far as the lore covers. They don’t even really have genders and we’ve seen plenty of naked demons without any sexual evidence beyond occasional boobs.

      Perhaps this is answered in the adult rated Japanese version of D3 we spoke of on the new podcast.

      • Angels and Demons gave birth to the Nephalem. They had to mechanically, sexually interact the first time. Have no idea if there was pregnancy/live birth, laid eggs, or released spores. Also, the Amazons supposedly were the children of a Nephalem dude who got busy w/ an Angel.

        Other than that, I don’t think Blizzard can outdo Kerrigan’s Zerg sexiness. That’s just creepy and perverse in such a great way.

  15. We’ve heard a lot about Loot 2.0 but never about the problem of two handed weapons being useless compared to the combination of any 2 one handed weapons, or a one handed weapon with an offhand item. Two handed weapons lack the stat variety that dual wielding offers and higher stat rolls on them will never compensate this loss, especially because their damage output is overall much lower thanks to the slightly higher base damage (sometimes(!) that rolls) and the strange decision that 2 handed weapons (even daibos that the monks use with the speed of light in their skill animations, check bells or tempest rush) are horribly slow. To be able to compete with one handed weapons, two handed weapons should be faster compared to those, yet dual wielding one handed weapons even gives a +15% attack speed bonus “just like that”.

    Any plans to drasticly change the philosophy behind two handed weapons, or we can expect them to remain completely obselate compared to dual wield, except lv70 smartdrop Skorn?

    • Good question. At least fighting skills should have a wider range when used together with a 2hd weapon. I’m not waiting for the like of 6 different lengths D2 had to offer to differentiate between weapon lengths or anything complicated like that. But a simple +10% to +20% range as an inert bonus of two handed weapons against one handed would be quite a logical differentiation that should be far from game breaking.

      • This is why I really wanted people to vote for one of the 2H weapons in that “design a legendary” thing they’re doing. To see if they would give us any previews or ideas for making it useful other than just the Skorn approach of CD/huge dps/socket/stats.

  16. Class skills are getting an overhaul but in some cases limiting D3 design decisions are still present. For example, for the wizard, Blizzard still can’t stack and Hydras can’t crit and are limited to 1 at a time. These sorts of limitations prevent me from running a Blizzard or Hydra build.

    Will we continue to see the basic concepts of skills revisited (not just number tweaks) from now until RoS launch?

      • They need a list of stackable/not-stackable stuff. Blizzard says in the tooltip that it doesn’t stack. I’m assuming Acid Rain doesn’t either (but you get the initial splash damage, so you spam it anyway). What about Spirit Barrage: Phantasm? That is a fun skill, but I don’t think it stacks, either. Or Fire Pit, or Caltrops? What about multiple Meteors? There’s not enough documentation about it.

        • If you mean its damage rune, Caltrops stacks. The area DoT of Acid Rain doesn’t. I don’t know about the others, never used them seriously. 🙂

  17. Q: Will there ever be permanent choices in D3, and why are D3 developers so afraid of letting players commit to a certain build? What if the commitment is done in the late game, and let players experiment all they want until that commitment is done?

    For example, what if, at level 60, one can lock a certain skill slot in exchange for 5 paragon points?

    • Players can commit to a certain build simply by committing to a certain build. They’re not afraid of letting them commit, they ARE letting you commit. They’re just not forcing you to.

      I don’t mean this aggressively, but don’t you have the willpower to commit without someone else forcing you? I know the temptation is always there, but it does seem odd to desire this kind of thing so much, yet be unable to just leave your skills as they are.

      • People tend to play by the rules.

        If the rules are that you’ll have to commit to a build then players will try to make the best out of a single build.

        If you let players change around freely, people will start optimizing the builds to different situations. One build for low MP, one build for group, one build for high MP and one for ubers. That is hurting the sense of identity to a character as well as the need to create new ones.

        I personally enjoy the commitment too, the commitment makes each choice feel important.

    • Permanent skill choices are bad , first blizzard changes/nerfs skills regularly so if you would find your perfect build for example “hey WW barbs are OP cant go wrong with permanently picking these skills” then BAM blizzard nerfs the build and you are stuck with crap.
      Second, there are game modes where you’ll need different builds, playing in a party vs playing solo, farming trash or farming ubers these usually make you want to use a different build and thats in D3V. In RoS youll have more play modes…

      • Ever heard of free respecs after balance patches? Guess not.

        If you need different builds for different activities, just build more than one character. All of them will have the same power at lvl 70 as paragon points are shared, so it’s totally fine to have one character built for farming and one for PVP.

        Get real dude.

        • Rpgguy’s point was that you can do that in the current system as well. Chose a skill at level 6 that doesn’t work at level 60 or want a dedicated PVP char? Nothing prevents you from rerolling just like in D2. The old system however did limit the enjoyment of the game for many, worst of all new players.

          • I can see the pros and cons of both system. I just want to hear what they have to say about it.

            But clearly you didn’t read my proposal. I said that the commitment could be done in the late game, and that would prevent people from making mistakes early on. New players can change around how much they want and decide to commit when they feel ready to do so.

          • I did read your post, but I don’t think there’s any need to force any level of commitment to ones character build at any stage of the game. I brought up new players just as one example where a system like this hurts the game. Leveling new characters can get repetitive very quickly, which is why even players who like leveling rush through it as fast as possible. Why force this on everyone? What would be the point of that? It’s like the run back to where you died in the current game, only it would waste hours of your life for nothing.

            One could say that a system like this would pressure players to learn from their mistakes, which is true. However:

            1) Not everyone would enjoy this.

            b) You can learn from your mistakes in the current system as well, but you can iterate through new ideas much more quickly.

            ?) If you want to enforce this kind of punishment, well then there’s a Hardcore mode for you, which many people enjoy, including me.

            One could also argue that my second point above reduces the lifetime of the game, which is probably through. However, it’s worth thinking about how would players spend that extra time.

            As for the commitment argument, even in the current system you have to be really committed to your build after certain point. Certain skills favor different items, which you have to find, so commitment shows in your items. If you have gear specialized for a set of skill and you respec or change your weapons for example you could lose effectiveness. This effect will hopefully be much more obvious with the Legendaries of Loot 2.0.

            My point still stands though. Even right now you can choose how committed you want to be. Nobody forces anyone to respec. If you’d like to reroll every time you think you made a mistake just do it. If you truly enjoy this playstyle and yet you don’t play like this, then you should really look into yourself for reasons, because the game does nothing to prevent anyone from doing this.

  18. Are there any plans to make the hall of fallen heroes more robust? Currently it’s extremely feature limited, without even the capacity to show the gear your fallen heroes were wearing at the time of their death. This forces you to use up a character slot (and ignore the hall entirely) if you want to be able to access that kind of information.

  19. Acts 1 and 2 saw a monster density increase, but to balance that out a little the monsters had their drop rates decreased as well. The result was that there were more monsters to kill, which shifted players’ builds more towards AoE, but in return each individual monster was less rewarding to kill, which devalued single target skills even more.

    Are there any plans to change density/drops again so that AoE is less important and individual monster kills are worth more?

    (I never understood why they didn’t simply increase the density to the point where drop rates were balanced compared to A3 and didn’t need to be nerfed).

  20. 1 where is pvp?

    2 where and what do we farm at level 70? All acts are equal or act 5 only?

    3 is crafting being tweaked? Currently just archon plans are worth making and they don’t offer meaningful customization.

    4 any new incentive to group? Ubers encourage a group to reduce entry fee and to make easier. Any new events?

    5 how are guilds supported? Is there guild progress or events and challenges for guild groups?

    6 with ah gone, will there be any new systems to ease trade, either in game or through a web interface?

    7 for some, the ah gave a continual feelings of reward. Each item found could be turned into gold, and there was a feeling of getting closer to that great item via gold balance. Will there be any new systems that provide this kind of progress?

    8 d3 music is barely noticeable in current game. Is this changing in ros?

    9 how many expansions are planned?

  21. So the new lead came from Dow franchise, in it they had a cool mode where waves kept coming until you died. Survival mode if you will. This would be real fun for d3. Make it so… Not a question, just do it 8P

    • I’d just like to second this, and also add that just additional modes like this would be cool. I’d love it if the towns offered various other modes of play, and therefore felt like more than just the place where you keep your stash box and magic book. With guilds being added (probably), it would have extra “value” (to use dev speak) as guildmates would have more ways to interact than farming or chat.

  22. What’s the deal with those data-mined trifecta caps? Is that still on the table or have you come up with other ways to encourage people from stacking trifecta in every slot?

    Also, if time permits, thank them for bringing Frozen Orb back. 😛

    • To answer your question, I would have to get my Flux-compensator running, jumping forward in time a few days, back again and than I could tell you. But you know, I’m fresh out of banana-peels. So no energy for the Flux-compensator, no time jumps and, thus, no answer to your question. But someone here said that he would be having an interview with someone at Saturday. What was his name? Ah, yeahhh…. Flux.

      Or was this really intended as a question for Blizzard?

  23. 1. Will Tyrael ever get his wings back (Become immortal again)
    2. Will we ever see Skovos in D3 in future expansions
    3. Will there be a way to manually add elemental damage to a weapon.
    4. How many expansions are planned? what happens after that?

    • I second #3 here, as that’s something I greatly wish we had. In the same vein, will Blizzard fix the appearance of weapons so that the life-steal/life-on-hit/life-on-kill skin doesn’t trump every other one? The faint red glow thing is to me by far the lamest appearance for weapons, yet no matter what other damage they do – and I love the appearance of electric, arcane, and holy damage in particular – if the weapon has any life-steal whatsoever, of any kind and in any amount, it gets the stupid red glow instead.

  24. Quick point: I doubt they are going to forward thinly weiled complaints about current or forthcomming gameplay as questions.

    – Is runes possibly comming back in some form? and what happened to the talisman from beta? Is charms going to make a reappearence?

    – In d2, weaponspeed had more of an impact on the relationship between weapons and spells, since some spells needed a lower more constant and fast scource of damage, while other needed big damage up from. Is this relations perhaps comming back or is the current steamlines and avaraged damage going to persist?

    – What are the reasons for wanting to make Transmogified items bound on account?
    I can understand the need to remove items from the economy, but wouldn’t this might impact players negativly since they are losing the ability to trade gear in exchange for the trivial but very much desirable change in looks.

    • For the last one, it occurs to me that it means a player always gets an item in its actual appearance. It gives the actual appearance more meaning if that’s how it is whenever anyone gets it, as opposed to transmogrified items going between players and diluting the actual appearance of the item in peoples’ minds.

      I suppose it also means that a player will only do it when they intend to keep the item in the longterm. It makes you consider if the item is worth doing it to, and therefore makes it more special rather than everything being transmogrified.

        • The new looks the Mystic unlocks are BoA, sort of. I mean they’re limited to your account, and since you unlock a lot of them by IDing items, obviously the same item can’t be IDed twice. But IDing an item for the transmog look doesn’t BoA it.

  25. In the first levels you get a new skill without a rune but after you unlock the skill runes nobody uses the unruned variant of a skill. Are there any plans to make the unruned skills viable in the end game? Maybe a possibility to replace the no rune sign with a rune slot where we could insert a skill rune (an item only dropped in inferno)?

  26. Questions for Reaper of Souls eh? I got questions:

    1) Will Reaper of Souls be released for the PS3? I heard somewhere that PS4 is confirmed, but I would like to know if they intend to update the PS3 Version as well (for those that aren’t going to buy a PS4 on launch) or that we are screwed and have to update to PS4 to get hold of it?

    2) Will the PS3 version be getting the pre-expansion patch updates that the PC version is getting? Like Loot 2.0? I’ve played Diablo 3 PS3 Console and I find it to FEEL better in all respects compared to the PC version and I really don’t want it to be neglected. Not everyone has $400 to cash out on a brand new PS4.

    3) Will the classic zones of Diablo 3 be getting the randomization updates and no loading screens that we will be seeing in Reaper of Souls Act 5?

    4) Will Act 4 ever have its optional dungeons get finished? Is it just me or do they feel a bit sparse and pointless, with no reason to enter them other than the achievement, as most of the time there isn’t a Resplendent Chest, Event, Goblin or an Elite pack in them?

    5) As the Auction House will eventually get shutdown in March, is there any way to get a specific item look? ie I want to turn my shoulders into what Vile Wards look like, but yet, not be a Vile Ward?

    6) Will crafting in general be getting a major update? Currently, there is large gaps in levelling where you can craft your new item, usually 10-15 levels difference. So my question is will we see additional crafting recipes for level 1-59? Like Bracers only has like 4 main recipes: LV 7, 24, 50, and 60 I think. Thats a huge level difference for if you want to craft new bracers.

    7) Will Jewelcrafting costs be reduced heavily to coincide with no auction house? The crafting costs on the PS3 feel fine, but having to pay 20 Million for a Marquise when its not going to be as easy to make that kind of gold is where this question comes from?

    8) Will salvaging items produce more materials? Since the number of blues/rares will be reduced in number, it will be difficult to acquire enough materials to craft new items with.

    9) Will follower skills be getting an upgrade in RoS? Since many of their active skills have extremely long cooldowns (15-45 seconds) it makes it difficult for a player to actively use them for their skills. In particular, I’d personally like to see the Enchantress’ skills have far shorter cooldowns and the Templar’s Taunt ability, to have a much lowered cooldown OR a much longer duration than 1 second.


  27. Are we going to see a “filler” patch in the future that fills in all the empty spaces in Act 1-4 in Diablo 3? I mean, Field of Misery have some type of small lakes going on with no NPC, quests or frogman-monster lurking about. I want to see more random stuff on Act 1-4 if those aren’t gonna be more random (like Act 5).


  28. I’m concerned about loot drops. Is it gonna be exactly like console? you know raining legnedaries and awesome upgrades? or something in between the current drop on pc and the drop on consoles?

  29. I have created an account for this question because I think its the most important of all:

    With the closure of the auction house in plans, will the game stay online only on PC? If it doesnt then the game will probably be ruined by hacks/dupes just like what is happening on the console. And I don’t want to be a part of that :(.

    • +1 for the question, although I’m hoping for the exactly opposite outcome, as I’m playing solo 99% of the time anyways and an offline mode could come with more direct, reaction based control over the character, using the exquisite game engine better than it is possible now with its online only binding.

      • So out of curiosity. It would not bother you at all that it is possible to dupe and cheat so easely? Personally I always hate it when I know there is an easier way of getting better loot. Ruined Borderlands 2 for me.

        • If no cheater or duper is coming along every few games I do play mp, telling me what a NOOB I am for what I’m wearing (as it was a regular situation on BNet with D2) or for not playing the munchkin style gameplay that leads to the best outcome in the shortest of time, it bothers me no bit when others decide to diminish their own gaming experience. Correct.

          • In addendum: […] decide to diminish their own gaming experience or how easy they can do so. Correct.

  30. My questions are:
    1. Will PvP be a free addition to Diablo III classic?
    2. What are the plans to keep non-ladder characters from being redundant (if ladder is to exist in RoS)?
    3. Will death animations make it into RoS?

  31. Just a few:
    1) How will guilds work?
    2) What will the trading system be like?
    3) Any plans for rune-like items?
    4) How will BoA work?
    4) Finally… can we at least get a matchmaking tag for SF?

  32. With the AH going away are they planning on increasing the shared stash size, or offering each toon an additional private, non-shared stash? Each AH currently offers up to 50 item slots to store items in-between auctions ending and returning them to stash. That’s 100 items worth of storage we’ll be losing with the AHs.

    Also, considering the skills that don’t stack like mentioned already: any plans to change that? I would love to see blizzard, rend, etc stack casts with maybe a diminished damage % with each addition stack?

  33. QUOTE

    1) Will Reaper of Souls be released for the PS3?  I heard somewhere that PS4 is confirmed, but I would like to know if  they intend to update the PS3 Version as well (for those that aren't  going to buy a PS4 on launch) or that we are screwed and have to update  to PS4 to get hold of it?
    correct. ps4 is the only platform  confirmed by blizz so far. no word on ps3, xbox or xbone. i'm wondering  if it's going to be a ps exclusive, ps4 exclusive or a timed exclusive  as well. if it's the former (which means sony paid out the a$$ for it)  and there's a sony rep around. i would like flux to ask him,"are you  people high?".
    But clearly you didn
  34. Lyrria has stated that Blizzard plans to ‘narrow the stat ranges’ rolled on items so we see less items rolling 50 or less main stat when they can roll up to 200.


    I would like to know if this will also apply to Crafted items, such as the Hellfire ring. (no more 5% AS with 3% crit!)

    • As far as I understood this is:
      for example: You usually get from 10 Str to 300 Str, after patch you should get something like 150 Str to 300 Str to make the item to be still useful, even if it’s not perfect, something like in D2 items rolls.

  35. Will Nephalem Valor stacks exist in the future Adventure Mode? Will the experience and gold find bonus apply to the rewards gained from Bounties?

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