blizzcon diablo interviewDiablo.IncGamers.com has a private interview with some Diablo 3 developers on Friday afternoon at Blizzcon. We’ll be recording the interview and posting the audio and a transcript afterwards, as we did last year. (Though I probably won’t wear the Bliz North D2X t-shirt this time.) Of course an interview is only as good as the questions we ask. So, here’s your chance to help out.

    Submit questions or topics you’d like us to get developer replies to in the comments to this post!

    Any and all topics are open, though we’ll likely focus on gameplay and balancing issues, rather than say, art or music or lore. But you never know! Likely question topics include new features, fixes to old features, character balancing issues, legendary item issues, the pace of upcoming updates, increased item trading, improvements to clans, etc… but I’m sure you guys can come up with many other issues worthy of discussion.

    We’ll be checking back on this thread for the rest of this week and right up until the interview on Friday.

    Note that since our interview is set for right after the big D3 What’s Next panel, a lot of our questions will hopefully be answered by the panel, while many new questions will be created. Plus I can ask follow ups to new stuff revealed during the panel, though that’ll require some quick work, since the interview is literally *right* after the panel.

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