Submit Questions for our Blizzcon 2014 Diablo 3 Interview

blizzcon diablo has a private interview with some Diablo 3 developers on Friday afternoon at Blizzcon. We’ll be recording the interview and posting the audio and a transcript afterwards, as we did last year. (Though I probably won’t wear the Bliz North D2X t-shirt this time.) Of course an interview is only as good as the questions we ask. So, here’s your chance to help out.

Submit questions or topics you’d like us to get developer replies to in the comments to this post!

Any and all topics are open, though we’ll likely focus on gameplay and balancing issues, rather than say, art or music or lore. But you never know! Likely question topics include new features, fixes to old features, character balancing issues, legendary item issues, the pace of upcoming updates, increased item trading, improvements to clans, etc… but I’m sure you guys can come up with many other issues worthy of discussion.

We’ll be checking back on this thread for the rest of this week and right up until the interview on Friday.

Note that since our interview is set for right after the big D3 What’s Next panel, a lot of our questions will hopefully be answered by the panel, while many new questions will be created. Plus I can ask follow ups to new stuff revealed during the panel, though that’ll require some quick work, since the interview is literally *right* after the panel.

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  1. Could the PS4 gifting system be tweaked as to only drop gifts for friends currently or recently online, not friends that have not played recently or even in the last week/month etc.

  2. Very cool!

    I’d like to know if there are any plans to reduce the effects of RNG a bit more – something that gives you a sense of progress even if you don’t find the items you need. Like save up 500 forgotten souls to buy the legendary you need or something like that. Currently you plateau on a very high level and then feel like there’s no progress even when you play a lot.

  3. PC:
    What causes imbalance in the final release of the game? Developer bias or unintentionally overpowered skills? Was M6 DH not tested before release? Was Unity/Follower combo not tested before release?

    Essentially I’m trying to ask how these glaring OP builds make it through the sieve of alpha and beta testing to the full release. Why is it that something always makes it through? (D3V had WW Barbs, D3X has M6 DH and Unity/Follower combo). And if they’re left in the game intentionally, or it is honestly something that the community discovers after the testing has been complete.

    Feel free to rework the question into a more usable format.

    I was really hoping for a final PRE-Blizzcon podcast to get me through the week.

    My Recent Gameplay:

    I started up a DH a few weeks ago, as it had always been my favorite, I was unaware of their OP build, or really anything of D3X. Since listening to the podcast, you fellas make it sound like, \start up a DH, ding 70, get m6, win the game\. But So far, I’ve seen 2 pieces of mauraders, twice each. I’m PL211 now. That means even if then next 4 are all the other sets pieces I need, it’ll probably be PL 350 before I see the full set. Maybe they changed the drop rate, maybe it’s self selection. maybe it’s maybelline.

    Next up, I was running GR20 with a Crusader. We ran in to a room and 3 packs jumped us, one of them with fast and jailer, the others both had frozen. Dipping ducking and dodging as best we could I was frozen twice in succession, pop goes the first CD, (I’ve got DH set shoulder death cheat as well), then I see their hp start to wain, I figure it’s fight or die. Flipping around trying to dodge the myriad of elite affixes they’ve got going on I find the exit to the GR level, but they’re all almost dead. So I decide to tough it out.
    I’ve got about 20 seconds left on my CD, and a backup so I’m feeling good. WHAAAM… it hits me. Party member has left the game. My random crusader buddy has just left me… Why would he do this when we were starting to turn the tide. He left, because he’d died. Unbeknownst to he or I, he had been the reason we were turning the tide, or at least, in my experience we were turning the tide. He had run the wrong direction into a corner of the Act 5 maze and gotten blocked in and killed. Having dragged away a handful elites had allowed my escape. I had found the exit, our safe haven, only 1 block from where the carnage had begun. After finding out how he’d died, I relayed my gratitude even though he hadn’t meant to save my bacon, he had.

    Thank you Flux and Xanth and the others for providing such great Hardcore commentary that gave me the push to move from D3V Softcore to D3X Hardcore seasons. I’ve lost a few heroes, but it’s been thrilling. Health orbs are a real resource, you must ration them if you’re to survive. For a DH who plays GR20 and T6 with 9mil toughness, both of my resources are used in a manner which feels more like a fighter pilot conserving fuel than a glass cannon firing into the wild hoping to land a couple lucky shots.

    Thanks again.

    • Players in softcore get M6 (well, M5 + RORG) and it’s pretty much instant T6. Not so easy in Hardcore, since you’ve got to devote gear and sockets to toughness so your DPS won’t be so high. My HC DH on US has M6 with not very good rolls and no +sentry damage and she can handle T6, but not usually finish GR25 since her dps isn’t high enough to kill quickly enough. If I didn’t have to worry about vitality and resistance though, I could instantly add quite a many damages.

      M6 play style also helps (softcore especially) a lot with survival, since you’re staying far from the action.

  4. Is there a chance that the Nemesis system from consoles will be implemented in the PC version? If not, why?

    When will we get a Legendary for Multishot? 🙂

  5. Build diversity – As a DH, The only viable builds are the frost/fire rocketman sentry or the meticulous bolts slowball sentry builds for high tier greater rifts. Gone are the days when you see a random player in a public game and wonder what manner of wondrous build has this guy pieced together? and could i make my own character better by adapting some of this guys ideas. The game has become far too cookiecutter atleast for some classes.

    Is there plans to buff existing (or introduce new) ingame sets to encourage some diverse gameplay options? Players HATE nerfs. or ‘rebalancing’ of items in a downwards motion to remove perceptions that one build rules them all. especially when the community as a whole enjoys the gameplay that one build already provides.

    I’m hoping this question will be addressed in the actual panel beforehand but I would hate for the opportunity to pass by without some form of build diversity question being presented.

    ps – blizz should never nerf again considering the content now has an (i’m assuming) endless level of greater rifts?

    • The problem with “Build Diversity” is that rarely if ever can something be perfectly balanced. When all quantities are known, the numbers will always bear out a winner in the available builds.

      The difference between Diablo III and say, Starcraft, or WoW (Using other well balanced Blizzard games as examples makes an easier analogy for most people to follow along with) is that those games for the most part are PVP. PvP balances out because like Rock Paper Scissors, no one build can be strongest, because you need to adapt to what you think the other player will do. You’ll notice in WoW for instance, PvP is balanced for the most part (that’s a whole other thread I’m sure), but single player, most classes have 1 build per role that is optimal, and the reason you would differ is because the gear you’ve got doesn’t coincide with that optimal build.

      In PvE games, true balance is neigh impossible.

      • Balance is impossible, diversity isn’t. They shot themselves in the foot by making builds so dependent on gear. With skill trees you could at least max out a skill and make it competent. Sure it might not be top 5 but it would at least be viable. So many skills in D3 aren’t viable because there are no top tier items to support them, add into the mix poor balancing of the majority of skills and yes, they are ice skating uphill.

        The only way they can help diversity is to add a HUGE influx of top tier sets/legendaries to support a larger number of builds in higher torments/GRifts.

        What I’m curious about is, is it even possible to add reasonable diversity to their game to due to the massive reliance on items in the absence of stats/skills?!

        • “What I’m curious about is, is it even possible to add reasonable diversity to their game to due to the massive reliance on items in the absence of stats/skills?!”

          Reasonable diversity? With a huge bulk of content additions, perhaps. Enticing diversity? Not a chance. But I can understand Blizzards reluctance in realizing a skillsystem as purely another way of accumulating power similar to derived affixes from items. And although this should be how the skillsystem should look like from the player side, I agree that it should have more to offer under the hood. From my perspective, the key would be to intertwine the skillsystem with the itemization system, possibly even bridging itemization and storytelling (-> Legendarys have their legends. Legendary heroes did legendary things with them using legendarily using their skills. And different cultures, perhaps even enemy groups like Goatman, Fallen or certain demons could have fragments to offer, that could allow a character with a particular skill build to draw the full power out of a certain Legendary item, otherwise possibly counted for as underpowered.)

          • [edith says:]

            a) “Legendary heroes did legendary things with them, legendarily using their legendary skills.”
            b) “( […] to draw the full power out of a certain Legendary item, otherwise possibly accounted for as being underpowered.)”

            [/shutup edith!]

  6. When will season 2 start?

    Any plans for putting back some form of trading?

  7. Are they planning any alternatives to rifts?
    Any buffs to drop rates outside of rifts?
    Any alternative drop methods/tables/quests planned? Just for some more varied play than rift=>kadala repeat.

  8. Will jay wilson be back to buff barbs?

  9. When can we expect to see an expac or group of expacs that allows us to play with all Diablo chacter classes ever made, in all maps ever used, in all stories ever, with each character class having all three progression archetypes available? Like using books for skills and having just one timed skill from d1/hellfire, saving skill points and spending them thoughtfully from d2, and the d3 progression rune system we use now.

    When can I expect this actually good version of d3 instead of this crap of exile wannabe?

  10. What have they learned from Season 1 and what is the future of seasons? More items? More achievements? Banners? Unique quests and events?

  11. What is going to happen concerning stash space on the PC version? There is too little if you want to play all classes and different builds. Will there be something similar as to the console version and will the crafting mats/gems be stored in the UI?

    That’s what I really want to know because I’m incredibly annoyed by this.

    • If I remember correctly, it has been mentioned that crafting materials (with the exception of gems) are intended to be moved to this type of storage system at some point during the future. That would be a welcome change, and asking if there is a more specific notion of when that will occur would be interesting to know.

      Also, as a Hardcore player who runs all classes with multiple builds, the possibility of additional shared stash tabs is of interest. The reality of eventual deaths motivates stashing a backup of necessary items (unique ability, set item or 5th primary items which are capable of being combined to run t6+), provided the back-up item rolls well enough to be used when the inevitable occurs.

      Using my account as an example, there are approximately 40 open squares of space between the shared stash tabs and 15 character stashes. I also haven’t played any seasonal characters, so the Krelm’s set, Crusader shield and a couple of the weapons will likely be of interest to try when season 1 concludes. There are also more new legendary items to come, and new unique properties to be added to those which are currently without.

      Question: Would the developers consider doubling the number of shared stash tabs (from 5 to 10) for hardcore players, or is the current limiting situation intended to be part of the challenge of Hardcore?

  12. Game needs loot progresion and target loot hunt systems badly. Currently I am hunting only for 1,5% drop chance items and never get them, game feels very boring and unrewarding because of it. Do you plan to implement them?

  13. What changes to Clans are in the works?

    Increased clan size? Clan management tools?

  14. When can we expect some weapon gem balancing so that the monarchy held by Emeralds is broken?

  15. Will the team have a relook at elemental damage at some point – adding more or changing some of the ones we have now?

    For instance making poison damage have a chance of diseasing a monster making it reduces it’s damage over a period of times (or a number a hits) or something like that.

  16. Is there finally a secondary gamesystem for player driven character developement in the making, complementing the item hunt by acting as a counterweight in power gain and thus allowing for both less affix randomization and more affixes on items for more memorably defineable Legendary items?

  17. Are there any plans to implement Greater Rifts or something similar that rely on something other than “move through the map fast killing things with little danger of dying unless you’re being one-shot?” Or do the devs think that the Greater Rift system is working well and the game does not require additional diversity?

  18. Have you thought about a defensive property that is similar in style to critical hit? For example “Deflect Chance/Value,” which would reduce damage before any other mitigation if successful?

    • it looks like Dodge doesn’t it ?

      • Dodge would be a hit and miss style defensive move centered around repositioning oneself in time to avoid being hit at all. A theme that, if you think about it, makes no sense in a game based around attacks always having a 100% chance to hit and per definition always in competition to damage mitigating defensive properties. Either you’re character would get in a hit or accumulated Block, Armor and Resistances would effectively be rendered useless – with no inbetween.

        The theme behind Deflect would be more about leading the force behind incoming attacks away from oneself instead. Thus I’m more inclined seeing more similarities to Block, which would include stopping the force behind an incoming attack matching it with one his own power themewise, though not mutually exclusive to it. But you could call it a dex based type of parry, though, counting Block as a strength based one, viewing Deflect as a mixture between Block and Dodge, thus not too far off from what had been tried in D3 with the Dodge property. Game mechanics wise Deflect would complement the other defensive properties and add to their importance, though, instead of negating them like the Dodge mechanic would, with only the only thing in common having no impact on better sustaining one-hit kills. Only if you’d reduce its effect to taking more hits in the same ammount of time, looking the same as Dodge could be argued.

        Furthermore the concept of Deflection is base for most forms of counterattacks, thus opening up room for a more intensive and immersive incorporation of such a gameplay into the playstyle portfolio open to the players choice than the simple Thorns concept we’re stuck with now. (For some RL examples, take a look at the martial arts of Judoka, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu or Tai Chi, which are all heavily centered on the concept of Deflection for their attacks and counter attacks.)

        • Thinking further on the last paragraph, a deflect property could be a good property to put control over chance and effectivity of already existing “on being hit attacks” into the hands of the players, perhaps even to the degree of a specialization on the property being a viable character differentiation choice enriching build diversity. This way Deflection could even effectively turn into an enticing mechanic mixing both defensive and offensive usability.

  19. Can we please have the ability to turn smart drop off, will enable you to start gearing another character without the boring grind with rubbish gear.

  20. Why is Blizzard gathering lots of things together to make 1 huge patch instead of doing more frequent but smaller patches?

    I’m sure people would be playing more if there was constantly some new things to explore, rather than playing for 1 month, then going afk waiting for a new patch.

  21. More legendary items, more build options.
    Take out the useless legs and replace with worth while ones, its simples.
    Say at the start of each month x amount of new legs are introduced, its your game go mad.

  22. Can they have more events? Once a month?

  23. Come on people, the real question is when can I pre order the second expansion. I don’t mind paying before they start making it. They can gauge demand and stop pussy footing around.

  24. Are there any plans to make stats like attack speed and resource generation through Primaries viable again like pre-2.0? I miss when it only took like 3-4 Bashes to completely fill my Fury, and I hate using cool down reduction based builds. I want to use Primaries on every class and play like the old “trifecta” in D3 Vanilla again.

  25. Any plans on further distinuishing ranged or aoe skills for more defined gameplay differientiations between them, for example by adding the element of an “inner range” to some skills, where they either don’t hit or only with reduced effectiveness?

  26. Can we pretty pretty please have real runes again, a la D2, they were by far the most fun drop for me back then, particularly after a run of bad luck, as they at least gave you some feeling of progress thanks to cubing/upgrading, clearly trying to implement runewords would require some major changes, as only two slots can have 2+ sockets, but some sort of new socketable would be a awesome addition to the game.
    Thanks for being our messenger Flux 🙂

  27. I like the additions to player controlled character development brought by RoS, are there plans to give the player even more control over their characters development?

  28. When will Blizzard address the rampant cheating on console versions of Diablo? Take a random sampling of video streams on PS4, for instance, and you see players doing multiple trillions of damage with single hits and clearing Greater Rifts (100+) in under a minute.

    • Anyone want to argue that Bliz is happy with that, as it provides a “scoreboard” style answer when/if anyone asks about offline option for D3?

  29. 1) When will real dueling be implemented (Arena) or some sort of structured PvP.

    2) Will hardcore ever get a chance to duel someone to the death. In diablo 2 there was a \low level duel\ crowd and it was like another community that had its own economy….certain items were good for low level dueling that made them fun to find. Perhaps if the character dies you can loot their corpse. (Only in hardcore).

    3) I’d like to see some additional forms of competition in Diablo 3. Leaderboards are a start, why not have a ladder with highest paragon level? I’d like to see way more leaderboards/conquests added for increase competition.

    4) Will clans ever allow trading? Perhaps set up a clan bank; if you find an item you don’t really need but the clan can find it useful…you put it in the clan bank (an oversized stash). It can mark who left the item in your clan. Set up a timer to where you have to be in the clan for more then 30+ days to use? This way it eliminates gold farming.

    5) I like the unity combo…it really forces me to care about my merc. I’d love to see full fledge merc legendaries (weapons, shields, everything) that can make some really good merc builds.

    6) Implementing runewords and socket white items would take the item game to another level. It can be very similar to D2. Has this ever been considered?

  30. Is it possible to go back to where it once you could put what lvl players should be on that join a game, too many para lvl 20.25 join games on T6 where the others are, for example para lvl 500-600, of course you can vote them out, but would be better if there was a max claim that you could join a game. Possibly. open games for those who want to boost their friends.

    Next, is considering to introduce the good old runes.

    Is not it possible to create a trading system or AH again, throwing tons of items away as others could easily use

  31. Is it Blizzard’s intention to foster and expand on a healthy competitive scene for Diablo, like all their other titles? e.g. Are they going to refine GRifts/leaderboards or was the main purpose of GRifts for balance checking etc, with no further plans to try and create an environment that might allow for, say, some kind of ‘pro’ tournaments?

  32. I got some more questions but I feel these questions aren’t as important as some of the other ones but if you have enough time, feel free to ask these as well

    1) Will there be more uber crafting options? I love the concept of finding the keys and getting a group together to do the ubers. It really added something else to do in the game. More crafting options could make it more appealing.

    2) Will Whimyshire ever be worth the rewards of being able to create it? I feel the reward is not there; it would be interesting to give this area some reason to make us find the parts to create it. Perhaps some cool crafting material can only drop from there? Or a new uber option that forces us to farm a keywarden that is placed in the whimyshire. So it not only forces us to farm keys, but in order to farm one of the keys…we have to make the Whimyshire.

  33. I’m going to echo a question already asked by others, have they considered other forms of competition or even ways to modify the current competition?

    I have seen/heard various versions of what I think of as “rift racing” on podcasts, Reddit, etc..
    – a set number of people queue up for a race.
    – the game at that moment generates a random rift map
    – each contestant is then placed in their own instance of that rift
    – race to see who can complete the rift first!
    The cool thing about the idea is that it still utilizes RNG to keep things exciting, but it exposes you and your direct competitor to the same RNG.

    The other day I was thinking it might be preferable to have a system that ranked people based on some sort of average rift clear time, as opposed to the current system being ranked based on your single most perfect, fished for grift. This would only work if there was some penalty associated with opening and then bailing on a rift.

  34. Will you be revising the damage scaling of monsters in greater rifts?

    Can we expect improvements in the toughness of melee classes (monk/barbarian)?

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to give act 4 mobs 50% damage reduction in greater rifts, when you devote entire maps to a mob-type of a single act?

  35. Thanks for the questions so far, guys. I’ve read over all of these and scoured question lists elsewhere, and have quite an array of queries ready to go. I’ll look for more and work on a final list Friday afternoon.

    It’s going to be interesting timing at the show, since my d3 dev interview is 15m after the d3 panel ends. So not a lot of time to process the new info and scratch off redundant questions, while formulating some new ones/follow ups on the new panel reveals.

    Better yet… I’m doing a WoW interview Saturday. Yes, me. No, really. It was sort of accidentally scheduled (based on IncGamers formerly operating a WoW fansite), but I told them not to cancel it once I got word. Can I fill 30m with jokes about the Panda King? (Not while sober.) Will I get a friend who acutally plays WoW to help? (definitely.)

  36. 1. When we’ll get Druid? Cause we know he will come.
    2. No, that’s it. No more questions.

  37. My question is: Why don’t you do anything with the performance issues? Such as massive fps drops in 4 player game, and in particular places like cesspools etc.

  38. Is it possible to have more interaction between community managers & the community – every topic (at least in the general disussion forum) should have a blue reply unless it is a question that could be answered in an FAQ.

  39. Love a number of the suggestions. I only hope ANY of the questions get answered not just BS political responses.

  40. 1. Does Ralamandi’s Gift have a drop rate? (Negative drop rate doesn’t count) There’s a drop rate without streamer buff or something?

    You could mutilate the question into:

    “Are there plans to buff Ralamandi’s Gift drop rate?” (def. don’t ask if they think the drop rate is too low 😉 )

    2. With the focus of the most hardcore fans shifting into marau… grifts, do you consider to buff skills in order to make an expressive number of builds T6 viable for each class (like using almost any weird combinaton of skills and being able to clear T6, not only 5 builds and variations or so)?

  41. I think it was mentioned that the vanilla sets (i.e., IK, Natalya, etc.) were going to get some form of buff/additional set bonus to make them more competitive. Is this still in the works and if so, what can be shared about those changes so far? Will those changes be retroactive (I hope so)?

    Also, I think there should be at least one item for each skill that will make that skill viable or extra special. For example, My favorite skill for Wizard is Spectral Blade, Strafe for DH, Weapon Throw for Barb and so on, it would be cool if there were more ways to buff or use those skills (though Weapon Throw does have 300th Spear and Depth Diggers going for it).

    Is there an intent to make primary skills more competitive/viable? It seems like you don’t need to have ANY at all to play the game which is cool but there is a reason why they are hardly used IMO. Maybe instead of a flat damage buff, add some unique utility to each one?

  42. Another real question:

    When can I expect a vendor to sell me blood shards for gold? Can they be placed next to kadala?

  43. These are the 5 questions I would ask :

    “Diablo 3 is a loot-based game. When will we see a new version of the too tiny stash system, considering players who play all the classes with different builds ?”

    “Is there a plan to add more enchanting options at Myriam such : allow players to un-enchant an item, enchant legendary stats for better rolls (it could be a good sink for gems and death breaths) ?”

    “Josh said that in the future, every legendary item should have a special effect, leading to more variety in builds. How is the work going on ?”

    “Trials are not a good way to open greater rifts. Is there a plan to get rid of them in the next patch ?”

    “Will we soon see a new game mode with fixed maps + challenge (wave of monsters, … ala Gears Of War)

  44. >>Any and all topics are open, though we’ll likely focus on gameplay and balancing issues, rather than say, art or music or lore.

    I have a technical question. Will we ever get separate 64-bit executables, DX11 support and other stuff that might help the game perform better on modern hardware? Seriously, guys, you should consider this. As far as I know, WOW has seen some improvements in those directions some time ago.

  45. Can you please make strafe more viable? It’s a really fun skill but can’t compete with M6.

    • If it is fun… Use it! Nobody forces you to use the best cookie cutter build. The are nice legendaries to look for which synergize with strafe.

  46. 1) Are there any plans to make builds not as dependent on gear by giving players more options to customise i.e. new item types, charms, jewels, runes/runewords, skill trees, etc?
    2) Has PvP been scrapped or is it still being looked into?
    3) What ideas do you have in mind regarding end-game content?
    4) Would you consider a sandbox-type option, where players can test out builds by giving themselves any items they want but where it’s completely unrelated to the real game?

  47. Enchanting at the mystic can be and is often frustrating and overly tedious.
    Any chance you can implement a system whereby you can voluntarily spend more materials for every attempt to ‘improve’ your chances?

    eg –

    2-3x existing enchanting cost and instead of the regular 2 new possible enchants from the available list.. you’d perhaps have 5? (all different)

    10x current mats could give the player a new roll for EVERY stat possible for the slot selected instead of just the 2 random ones you currently receive. would guarantee a socket due to its binary nature.

  48. Are smart drop smarter than just putting main stat and choosing the element and the item type according to the class of character? I have the impression that yes because I only dropped two follower tokens and each time, it was right for the follower I had. I also have the impression that using a skill could push the odds for a legendary power linked to it. I drop two gyana na kashu (which add a fireball to lashing tail kick) while using it and my HC DH dropped a Spines of Seething Hatred (which make chakrams a hatred generator) with a heavy use of chakram. If true, I really like it tough it must be publicized so that people know that if they want a build which uses skills such and such, they’d better use them right at the beginning (and not wait for the gears to drop before). If false, I think it is indeed a good idea to reduce the RNG part of builds.

  49. Is there any chance in the future to see an enhanced/hd version of diablo 1 and 2?

  50. One of the most asked questions currently running in the community is:

    Can we expect to receive any additional character slots or a change in the system so that players can switch gear/skills more easily?

    Especially with introduction of seasons, there is now even more of a demand. For people who play a mix of SC/HC, a mix or season/non-season or people who just have a variety of builds, the game is feeling very restricted at the moment. People will pay for more slots so if they make this a possibility, it would not only benefit us but Blizzard aswell. Thank Blizzard for making a truly epic game.

  51. One of the most frequently asked questions among the community right now (especially with the introduction of seasons) is:

    Do Blizzard have plans for giving us additional character slots?

    Thank Blizzard for creating a truly epic game.

  52. Good set of questions here. I have a feeling something may be coming in today’s panel about this, but if not, can you query if a new item hunt or world quests are coming to Sanctuary to give people reasons to search the five acts? A bit like the purple monster crafting materials when ROS first launched. I’m a bit bored of Act 1 bounty runs when I hop into group games. Believe it or not I enjoy playing in Act 5. Give us things to hunt out there!

    Really looking forward to your drunk WOW interview! ;p

  53. Something I’m curious about if you get the chance to ask Josh.

    If he was the game director from the start of teh development cycle, would he have created Diablo 3 with skill trees, skill points and stats? Or would he have gone with a pointless system like they have now (no pun intended).

    This is not intended as a dig to JW, just curious on what Josh’s vision would have been, if he was presented with a clean slate?

  54. Q. Will Diablo 3 ever move beyond the rift centric game we have now, and evolve into other modes of play?

    Follow up:

    If so what things are the developers talking about and working on.

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