Strategy: Reaper of Souls Best High GRift Builds

Everyone likes cookies?

Everyone likes cookies?

Deadset Gaming put together short video guides to each classes’ most powerful/popular six-piece item set builds, and since Blizzard promoted the lot of them, we might as well.

Each video guide is ~10m in length and shows video of the play style while narration describes how the builds work, which skills to use and why, passives, equipment required, ideal legendary gems, and more. They are suitable for higher Greater Rifts (40+) and are themed to maximum damage, which means some aspects of the play styles won’t map very well to Hardcore, so caveat emptor as needed.

And yes, these are all very DiabloWikicookie cutter, but as the higher GRs permit very little deviation from the best six piece builds, that’s how it goes. Most of us use at least one of these ourselves, and even if you don’t, you know lots of other players are, and it’s helpful to know what the other characters in your party are doing and why. Especially if they’re using a class you don’t play yourself.


Raekor’s set with Furious Charge.

Click through for videos showing off the other five classes in Strategy: Reaper of Souls Best High GRift Builds:


Condemn with Akkhan’s Set.

Demon Hunter

Marauder’s Set for Patch 2.1.2


Wave of Light with Gungdo Gear bracers which are Season Two exclusive. The Monk is the only class that currently doesn’t use a six-piece set for his best build, though you will need two four-piece sets instead.

Witch Doctor

Jade Harvester item set. (Patch 2.1.2)


Firebird’s set. (Patch 2.1.2)


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  1. I would like to see some end game content that is not played against a timer, what a timer does is automatically eliminate durable builds or other play-styles other than DPS, and ZDPS.

    Also the infinite monster scaling de-values most defensive stats far earlier than DPS stats.

    Timer + Infinite scaling = cookie cutter builds

    There simply has to be a better way, crossing my fingers for some new end game mode news this summer.

  2. I hate cookie cutter builds, that is why I currently sit at Grift 29 with my Chain Lighting wizard (Myken Ball build). I will rather play build I enjoy and be few tiers lower than play boring cookie cutter Firebird.

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