Nat's in action.

    Nat’s in action.

    During the PTR for patch 2.2 most DH players saw the buffs to Natalya’s Set and thought it looked neat, but no challenge to Marauder’s or the new Unhallowed Essence set at the high end. “Fun way to finally use Strafe; maybe good enough for T6 farming.” I used a simple version of the build early on the PTR, just going with Physical Strafe and RoV (before Nat’s weapon became so powerful with the +damage to Rain of Vengeance) and it was very fun for T6 Rifts, but at about GR35 it slowed down too much.

    Others were not content with that, and tried new/different gearing and play styles, and their theorycrafting has paid off… New builds show that Natalya’s Set is not just comparable to Marauder’s and UE, but actually better. Plus, it offers very different playstyles from the standard M6/UE “shoot everything from the very edge of the screen” which are effective, but not very fun at the higher end.

    The version of Natalya’s that looks the most fun harnesses the intense burst damage and knockback of the Rain of Vengeance: Stampede rune, which can be cast every ~3 seconds thanks to CDR gear and constant use of a Generator + Strafe, and nicely triggers the Focus/Restraint buff. The build generates (and requires) infinite Discipline, and the DH exists in a permanent state of Smoke Screen. It’s a very aggressive and fast paced build, and in the video below you can see a Chinese player clearing a GR54 like a boss. (Good tutorial from a GR55 clearer in this thread.)

    That’s just Softcore, though, and he dies repeatedly. There’s another version of the build that is even more fast-paced, and has been used to clear GR49 in Hardcore. Click through for video of that, but note the big disclaimer… these builds need a tremendous amount of control dexterity, and will probably lead to arthritis with the intense keyboard mashing and back and forth mouse control required.

    Strategy: Natalya’s Vengeance Gets Its Revenge!

    Here’s a video of the Armageddon build used in Hardcore to clear a GR48. This one uses Natalya’s set with the two Danetta’s Set hand-xbows, and requires constant Vaulting. And I mean constant… this video could come with an epileptic seizure warning, since it’s just non-stop jumping around.

    The trick of that build is that the two-piece Danetta’s Xbow set changes the cost of Vault from Discipline to Hatred, which makes it count as a Hatred Spender. That combines with the non-stop Strafing to work the CDR of Rain of Vengeance (via the Natalya’s six piece set bonus). And since the Vault-o-matic Demon Hunter is essentially never in one place long enough to be hit, it also keeps her alive.

    As with the first build, this one requires such non-stop button mashing that many players won’t want to use it, at least not at the highest end. But even if you don’t want to fully commit to the program, Natalya+Danetta is an amazing build for T6 or mid-level Grifting, combining great killing power with unsurpassed movement speed.

    In light of recent events… is anyone still using Marauder’s?

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