Stillman’s Slab 50: Male Demon Hunter

This month, I cover more Demon Hunter philosophy. In particular, how suitable is revenge as a motive for heroism? How much revenge can be jammed into one culture, and are there “guns” in Diablo 3 or not? Click through and find out in the ultimate act of revenge!

Gosh, I hope no one dies in Nekron’s Icy Cellar this time…

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Stillman’s Slab: where all Diablo characters get dissected and examined piece by piece. Written by Nicholas Stillman, it reintroduces Diablo series topics in a new light with novel themes not fully explored in the forums. Slurry collected from the centrifuge will always contain something new and unheard of at the time of publication. Post your comments below or contact the author directly.

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8 thoughts on “Stillman’s Slab 50: Male Demon Hunter

  1. Weird, rasing them as zombies isn’t nearly as satisfying as just beating their asses in front of their moms… or maybe Jay and Silent Bob just made it look cool because they’re Jay and Silent Bob.

  2. HaHa!  Just the other day, I was wondering when stillman would be doing another one of these.  Nekron’s the best!

  3. The costume changing bit was full of pure unadulterated epic win and awesomeness… well done! :mrgreen:

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