Stillman’s Slab #46: Demon Hunters! No Undead Hunting Allowed!

This month, Nekron the Necromancer covers some of the many philosophical issues with the female Demon Hunter. Nekron hosts a radio talk show in the Icy Cellar interviewing various Diablo characters until his triumphant return to fight demons someday, or so he hopes. People have been known to die in his interviews. Click through below for the whole show.

Demon Hunters! No Undead Hunting Allowed!

Stillman’s Slab is where all Diablo characters are dissected and examined piece by piece. It is written by Nicholas Stillman to reintroduce Diablo series topics in a new light or put forth novel themes that have not been fully explored in the forums. Slurry collected from the centrifuge will always contain something new and unheard of at the time of publication. Post your comments below or contact the author directly.

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16 thoughts on “Stillman’s Slab #46: Demon Hunters! No Undead Hunting Allowed!

  1. This reminds me that I was going to watch that animated movie you get all these crazy cartoon pictures from. I forgot when your column was on vacation. But now it’s back!

    I laughed halfway down, when I thought the DH was only going to speak in the same idiot cliches she used in the DH cinematic. That would be a funny fanfic; with all the chars and the DH only says things like, “I will never stop fighting” and “You always have a choice.” and “Demons!” no matter the circumstances or situation.

  2. Is the English supposed to be bad? I’ve never followed the series, but bad English in publications turn me away.

  3. Unless I’m missing something 2 spelling mistakes in the first chat bubble alone…not sure I can be bothered to read the rest of it, spellchecker maybe?

  4. I must be an idiot because I can not, for the life of me, find where I can view all of them.
    Please halp.

  5. LoneDQ, It is harder to search for these after some changes made to the site. There are two older older episodes, but the quality is poorer b/c I used MS paint. Now I use GIMP2, but I’m new to it and still working out problems, like some blur when I upload pictures. I fixed a couple spelling errors in the first panel though!  Here are the two older episodes:

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