Stillman’s Slab #33: Most Hated Diablo Character Ever

Most Hated Diablo Character Ever

This week, I am still in celebration of the ladder reset…no matter how ugly it gets. NEKRON THE NEKROMANCER is back for another episode to cover something no one is quite happy with in Diablo 2: mercenary AI, or lack thereof. Sit back and click through to enjoy. 


Nekron the Necromancer is a radio talk show hosted by a retired (but not at all washed-up) Necromancer. It is made with images from the animated film Fire and Ice and is heavily inspired by Space Ghost with a He-man style moral message at the end. Nekron is cheery to be out of the killing zone, but when things do not go as planned, he often succumbs to his old ways of overconfidence and eccentricity that he sported in Diablo 2.

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Stillman’s Slab is where all Diablo characters are dissected and examined piece by piece. It is written by Nicholas Stillman to reintroduce Diablo series topics in a new light or put forth novel themes that have not been fully explored in the forums. Slurry collected from the centrifuge will always contain something new and unheard of at the time of publication. Post your comments below or directly.

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1 thought on “Stillman’s Slab #33: Most Hated Diablo Character Ever

  1. Dumb as dumb can be! If you really pull off something like that, you…
    – most certainly don’t tell anyone
    – use a big usb-stick with an automated copy per console (click “yes” or “run” on popup)
    – take you’re time looking for a pc where no measures against this procedure were taken
    – shove it, if you don’t find any

    I don’t want anyone getting ideas here, mind you. I’m just pointing out, how stupid even the idea of taking a notebook to a convention to copy the data there is.

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