While in celebration of the ladder reset, let’s not forget that Diablo 2 characters will show up in Diablo 3 (though in what capacity is still unclear). To get a feel of what that may be like, today I uncover the female Witch Doctor…in a strange world where Diablo 2 NEKRON THE NECROMANCER runs the show. It’s going to be like Fire and Ice coming together! Take some time off your ladder pownage to click through and enjoy…

    Wonders of the Female Witch Doctor



    Nekron the Necromancer is a radio talk show hosted by a retired (but not at all washed-up) Necromancer. It is made with images from the animated film Fire and Ice and is heavily inspired by Space Ghost with a He-man style moral message at the end. Nekron is cheery to be out of the killing zone, but when things do not go as planned, he often succumbs to his old ways of overconfidence and eccentricity that he sported in Diablo 2.

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