Last month we posted news about David Craddock’s upcoming book about Blizzard North, and the news came with a contest. Fans were invited to submit a story of their most memorable corpse retrieval effort in Diablo I, with David selecting the best one for inclusion in his upcoming book.

    The choice has been made! Here’s David’s notification to the winner and honorable mentions:

    WINNER: rkvanraay
    Runners-up: softshack, teppo69, and sectoid

    Congratulations to Diablo.IncGamers.com user rkvanraay, winner of the “You Can’t Take It with You” contest hosted by DM Press, publisher of the STAY AWHILE AND LISTEN book series, and Diablo.Incgamers.com. Please check your messages on Diablo.Incgamers.com for details on how to collect your free copy of Stay Awhile and Listen 1 when it releases this fall on Kindle, iTunes/iBookstore, and Nook.

    Runners-up, look for your stories in the Hall of Heroes, an archive devoted to memories shared by DM Press readers, around the time of Stay Awhile and Listen 1’s release.

    Thank you to all who participated!

    ~David L. Craddock, author, STAY AWHILE AND LISTEN

    All the entries can be seen in comments to the original post. Or click through to see the winner quoted below. David’s asked us not to reveal the book release date yet, but it’s coming in the not too distant future, and we’ll be conducting an interview with the author closer to the release time, with tons of cool details and tidbits from the book about the early days of Blizzard North and the development of the Diablo games.

    Here’s rkvanraay’s winning entry:

    My friend and I were playing Diablo I and we had spent a good 6 hours making our way past the Skeleton King, we had played the game many times before, but we had never actually gotten as far as this. Fortunately for us we ended up farming a plethora of amazing uniques so as such we were bashing through nearly everything.

    Unfortunately we soon found out that Diablo I is a fairly hard game and that not all uniques provided the most… positive of benefits. We headed down into the caves thinking we were going to just destroy through like we had before, we soon found ourselves getting surrounded by all the monsters and my friend died, but I managed to snake my way out of the caves.

    So here we were, my friend’s body unrecoverable because of the congregate of monsters having a party on his body and me too terrified to risk going back. I said we should just farm up and get him new items, but apparently his items were more valuable than my safety.

    The perfect plan we devised was that I would run through the dungeon leading the monsters away from his body using the excellent parkour skills I had honed from our last encounter. Sure enough I went scrambling down into the caves leading the monsters away, but only about half of them followed and the other half stayed on his corpse, I waited eagerly for him to come in and try to reclaim his gear.

    Well as it turns out internet in the dial up days was not so reliable, while I was running through the dungeon I ended up dead and he ended up getting a phone call and disconnecting, so our bodies and loot were lost forever in those caves.

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