Stay Awhile and Listen Author Reveals More Details

Last year Flux sat down for a special podcast with the author of the Stay Awhile and Listen, David Craddock. David has written a book charting the history of Blizzard North going behind the scenes and talking to the original members of the Diablo team to find out what really went on.

Before the book comes out, David is releasing excerpts from the book and snippets of info he learned during his research. The first info release is now up on Shacknews and there’s some interesting bits and pieces including the argument over whether hardcore should have been included in the first game and the consumption of eating monster body parts to regen health and mana.

Watch out for more on the book here soon.

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    23 thoughts on “Stay Awhile and Listen Author Reveals More Details

    1. A must read, indeed! I’m especially curious about the story of Blizz North, and also about the developing phrase of Diablo 3: how, when, why did it became the game it is now (I wish it’s gonna make it into the book).

    2. Actually, I decided to extend the book by several chapters to include D3’s development phase. The book now covers BOTH of Blizzard North’s takes on the game, and Blizzard Entertainment’s. Interesting stuff!

    3. I was thinking this would be a good read until I realized he ONLY interviewed Blizzard North employees.

      What I’m sure will be a good recount on what happened, it won’t be the whole story, nor the most accurate. I find the best reads are those that take both sides into consideration and allows the reader to form their own conclusions.

      Anyways, I’m sure it will be interesting at the very least.

      • Hi Nizaris,

        I really need to update the book’s description page on the DM Press website! I’ve actually spoken with several ex-developers at Blizzard “South” and expanded SAAL into an account of both Blizzards. North is my main focus, but one can’t write about one Blizzard without including both, so rest assured that you will go behind South’s closed doors and explore their culture and the development of the ‘Craft games, WoW, and Diablo III.

        TLDR: Two Blizzards, One Book.

        • Awesome!

          I’m glad you took the time to get some insight on both sides of the picture. I’ve grown accustomed to pop journalism that aims more to shock and awe rather than give an accurate account of an issue.

          I’ll definitely be giving it a read regardless, as it was an interesting and important part in Blizzard history.


    4. First time hearing about this. It’s quite interesting, now I’m looking forward to read it.

      Will it be released outside the US?

      • I’m really interested in reading your book! Thanks for all the time you’ve been putting into it. The Shacknews article has really piqued my interest to learn what other fun behind-the-scenes things you have to share.

    5. I’m very interested in this book as well, though as in all things diablo, I wish it could come out sooner.

      • Unfortunately it will require at least 2 years of polish. Joking, joking!

        And the human verification phrase I entered: “one hit wonder.” Yikes. Let’s hope not.

    6. Can you share any behind-the-scenes tidbits that long-time D1/D2 news followers won’t already know about? I already knew both the 1-life and body-parts potion things.

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