A couple more twitter tidbits today, from @Diablo. That’s all we’re getting this week, since Bashiok’s been spending all his forum time wading into the pre-launch frenzy on the SC2 forums.

    Will the character’s appearance be customizable? (hair, face, skin color)—bbcmilk

    We’re focusing on customization through items as they can be seen better from how far away the camera is from the character.—Diablo

    That’s a “no,” if you were wondering. However, as @Diablo points out, there’s no real point in character customization since you can’t see your character’s face, hair, skin tone, etc anyway, obscured as it is by armor and the isometric POV.

    Elsewhere, we got another hint of the ongoing itemization the D3 devs are working on as they address one of the major issues of RPG game design:

    I bet you didn?t think people could debate the proper plural of ?staff? for more than 5 minutes.—Diablo

    So what do you guys prefer? Staffs or staves? I’m partial to “staves” myself, as it sounds a bit more elegant, and I’m all about the elegance. I also prefer “dwarves” vs “dwarfs,” while we’re talking about RPG nouns ending in “F” that have dueling potential pluralizations.

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