Torchlight is proving a particular draw to Diablo players and as an action-rpg with similarities to Diablo 2 and some say 3, it’s no wonder Blizzard have been putting in some time on it too. A post appeared on the Battle.Net forums detailing three interesting features that may transfer well to Diablo 3. They boil down to shared stash, mercenary stash and mercenary trotting off to sell your loot while you carry on playing.

    Bashiok, playing cards close to chest again, only confirms that Mercs are in (as already revealed but they are called Followers) and that Blizzard are exploring options for item sharing, account-shared stash being one option. But they’re playing Torchlight and will no doubt be keeping an eye on what those of us who are playing, are most enjoying.

    Neight’s Post.
    1.) Shared lock-boxes: In town, there are 2 chests (as opposed to 1 in Diablo). The first chest is simply your current character’s storage. The second chest is a shared lock-box; e.g. if you’re loot hunting with your melee-based character and happen to find an awesome mage/caster weapon you can go back to town and put that in your shared box, exit game, load up your mage and find it waiting for you as soon as you come into town. Now, there could be some tricky business with the way this is implemented online (Torchlight is offline-only currently). But not having to worry about muling in Diablo3 is an ABSOLUTE MUST-have feature in my opinion.

    2.) Mercenary(pet) Inventory space: When you pull up your pet’s inventory, you’ll find a screen identical to your own. Not only are rings, amulets, etc. are all equip-able, but your pet has its own inventory space as well. Simply shift-left-clicking items in your inventory will send them directly to your pet’s inventory. Which leads us to the best part:

    3.) Mercenary(pet) item selling: With 1 click your pet is sent off to town to sell your un-needed loot back to the NPC’s. Instead of casting a town portal and going back yourself, your pet does the work whilst you remain in the dungeon hacking away. This process takes about 1 minute, after which your pet will return to you in the dungeon and report how much gold was just added to your stash.

    We all play a lot of games so it’s without question that if someone finds a feature in some game they enjoy, or encounters something especially cool, we’ll see if it could work for us.

    Regarding mercenaries, the most we’ve said is that for Diablo III we have them and we’re calling them followers… and that’s all we’ve said. So I couldn’t comment on what features they would or wouldn’t have or speculate on if a feature would work for us or not. You’ll just have to wait and see.

    We’ve said since announcement that we want to make sure you can get items to other characters quickly and safely. It could take any number of forms, an account-shared stash is one option we’ve talked about.

    These aren’t really new ideas, not to discount them being fun or useful additions to any game, but there’s always something to learn. We also just like having an excuse to play more games.

    Have you played or are you going to play Torchlight?
    Bashiok: Of course. I play pretty much everything. I have a PS3, 360 and a nice PC so I literally play just about everything.

    Oh I have a Wii too, yeah. I forgot.

    There’s an ongoing thread in the Diablo 3 Suggestions & Wishlist Forum of features that people playing Torchlight would like to see appear in Diablo 3.

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