Pretty much everyone who plays Diablo 3 has been asking for more storage space since about June 2012, and the lack of stash space has only become more acute in recent months, with many more useful legendary and set items added to the game. Fans request more stash space in every conversation with the devs, and we always get refused with fairly weak arguments. Here’s what Josh Mosqueira said about it from a Q&A panel at Blizzcon 2014:

    Q: This could be a controversial question. One problem people have in Diablo is character and stash space. Can we buy more inventory space or character space in Diablo 3?
    Answer: Will we have a store to sell more stash space? Everyone wants that. Not specifically the store aspect, but we’re always discussing the issue of more space. And if we give you more you want more, and more and more and eventually all the internet is your items. We think about it and we want to address it, but nothing to say now.

    D3 China: Buy extra stash tabs for Platinum.

    D3 China: Buy extra stash tabs for Platinum.

    That reply wasn’t exactly satisfying at the time, and it’s much less so now that Diablo 3 has launched in China, and there’s actual stash for cash in the game. It’s not just a metaphor; you can actually spend platinum (bought for money or found via playing) to add more storage space. No one cares about p2w. We wants s4c! And yet the devs refuse to sell it to us. Shut up and take our money.

    The dreadful lack of storage space in RoS is only hammered home when you take a wider look. Quotes from the devs during the making of D3 don’t help. Here’s Jay Wilson in 2011, reminding us once again that things really do change during development:

    The stash starts off small, but grows “ridiculously huge” over the course of the game, when gold is spent to enlarge it.

    A comparison to competing ARPGs adds further pain. From a forum thread asking about the maximum number of stash pages in Path of Exile, in which the game’s lead developer provides the 16 bit answer:

    So How many Stash tabs can we have?
    I was wondering a this time I have ten of them, all looking to be fulled when the game is released ( I’m a hoarder). I have 70 GGGold remaining and I’m not likely to want another character slot at this time ( and I’ll get more points when I see something I want from the store). But the question what is the maximum number of tabs we can have?
    I think the limit might be 65536. It can be increased though. –Chris

    Stash of Exile

    Stash of Exile

    It’s almost like Grinding Gear Games is making an APRG in a competitive marketplace and feel it’s wise to offer players features that they want to purchase. What a bizarre concept! Diablo 3’s lack of storage space seems even weirder when you compare to the infinite space happily offered in PoE, or how adding additional storage space, for free, is a huge selling point for virtually every online application.

    Except for Diablo 3.

    What do you guys think is going to happen? It hardly seems possible that Reaper of Souls can continue to limit us to just 5 tabs of stash space shared between all the characters on your account, when each patch adds dozens more interesting/useful legendary items, plus whole new item sets, more legendary gems, so many new rings/amulets, etc. The devs have talked about making some unified system for LGems, which would help, but only slightly.

    Furthermore, why do you think the devs have been so reluctant to give (or even sell) fans what most of us so desperately want and need? I’d like to think it’s just a technical issue; that the server database would slow down with more and more items stored for each account, but that seems silly. This is 2015, not 1994. How do I computer? Is it part of that Diablo 3 “we know best how you should be playing the game” attitude that’s banned UI Mods and refused to upgrade the interface to make the hotkeys fully mappable or even let us see all active buffs? Is there a huge inventory revision coming in the second expansion and they’re saving it for a surprise? It seems quite the mystery, to me. Why are they choosing to die on this hill, when fixing the problem seems like it would be so simple and even profitable?

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