Blizzard added a new page to their Diablo 3 site, with some information about the DiabloWikiStash in Diablo III. It’s a nice overview, but it’s thin on specifics or details. Happily, I’m able to add some details that are not on the Blizzard page. We even have a movie!

    One thing that we only learned with the beta is that there is no non-shared stash. Each character does not have their own stash plus a shared stash; the stash is entirely shared, between all of your characters. The only storage that’s not accessible to all the characters on your account (aside from SC and HC not sharing items) is in your character’s inventory. All stash items are shared, just like Diablo 3’s gold (for better or worse).

    The starting stash space, as you’ve probably seen in some gameplay movies, is pretty tiny. Just two rows across the stash, with room for seven 1×2 square items, or 14 potions/gems/runes/stacks of materials. There are 5 such double-rows down each stash, making 10 total rows. Each double-row costs 2500 gold to buy, so that’s 4 x 2500 to finish out the first tab. There are 4 additional tabs, the first of which costs 10,000 gold. You get just the first double-row with that, and have to buy 4 more to finish out the tab. The third tab costs 50,000 gold, and we don’t know what the fourth costs since no one’s bought up the entire third one yet to find out. (That’ll happen fairly soon, with nothing else to spend gold on in the beta.)

    One other interesting thing about the stash is the “Appearance: ________” drop down menu on top. This changes your view to that of the selected class, which is useful in order to see which items can be used by which class. For instance, an DiabloWikiorb will wear the red X for every class but a DiabloWikiWizard. This also lets you toggle the DiabloWikiinventory icon for items, which often varies between classes and/or genders.

    If the screens weren’t enough, here’s a short video of a stash being manipulated, from the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta.

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