Stash Explained, Plus Video

Blizzard added a new page to their Diablo 3 site, with some information about the DiabloWikiStash in Diablo III. It’s a nice overview, but it’s thin on specifics or details. Happily, I’m able to add some details that are not on the Blizzard page. We even have a movie!

One thing that we only learned with the beta is that there is no non-shared stash. Each character does not have their own stash plus a shared stash; the stash is entirely shared, between all of your characters. The only storage that’s not accessible to all the characters on your account (aside from SC and HC not sharing items) is in your character’s inventory. All stash items are shared, just like Diablo 3’s gold (for better or worse).

The starting stash space, as you’ve probably seen in some gameplay movies, is pretty tiny. Just two rows across the stash, with room for seven 1×2 square items, or 14 potions/gems/runes/stacks of materials. There are 5 such double-rows down each stash, making 10 total rows. Each double-row costs 2500 gold to buy, so that’s 4 x 2500 to finish out the first tab. There are 4 additional tabs, the first of which costs 10,000 gold. You get just the first double-row with that, and have to buy 4 more to finish out the tab. The third tab costs 50,000 gold, and we don’t know what the fourth costs since no one’s bought up the entire third one yet to find out. (That’ll happen fairly soon, with nothing else to spend gold on in the beta.)

One other interesting thing about the stash is the “Appearance: ________” drop down menu on top. This changes your view to that of the selected class, which is useful in order to see which items can be used by which class. For instance, an DiabloWikiorb will wear the red X for every class but a DiabloWikiWizard. This also lets you toggle the DiabloWikiinventory icon for items, which often varies between classes and/or genders.

If the screens weren’t enough, here’s a short video of a stash being manipulated, from the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta.

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39 thoughts on “Stash Explained, Plus Video

  1. 10×7 for one tab, 50×7 for all tabs. With items 2×1 you can have 175 of armors and weapons.  You would need around 35 characters in Diablo 2 to have all this items (avg 3×2 size). Thats only a stash size, excluding inventory.

    • I don’t remember reading it, but is 2×1 going to be the biggest space an item will take in the inventory/stash?
      If yes, than the stash is really big, compared to D2. Still i somehow would have liked an additional non-shared stash per character, as this would have been the reason for me to create more than five (one of each class).

      • “I don’t remember reading it, but is 2×1 going to be the biggest space an item will take in the inventory/stash?”

        That’s correct.

        If you convert D2’s item sizes to D3’s system, then you would be able to store the complete D2 Grail in the combined space of your stash and inventory of 10 characters.

    • A minor correction: armors indeed take up 2×1 space, but belts are an exception, since they only take up one square of space.

  2. OK, Flux.  When you posted this news item, news item “Daily Diablo 3 Gameplay #9” disappeared.  Where’d it go?  I just came back to watch the Demon Hunter footage, by someone that doesn’t spam Bolo Shot, uses Evasive Fire to great effect against the Skeleton King, and can aim Caltrops pretty well.

  3. When I placed crafting resources into my stash, do I have to replace them into invetory while visiting blacksmith ? I hope not.

  4. Quality video, hope all future videos will be the same. Only thing, the appearance only changes the look of the armor type items wich didn’t come through from the footage.

  5. (4×2,500)+10,000+(4×2,500)+50,000+(4×2,500) = 90,000 gold to unlock 3 tabs of stash. Seeing as low level Beta players are able to rake in 8,000 gold easily…being at only level 10 or so….I’d say 90,000 gold would be cheap peanuts at higher levels. And 3 tabs is quite an awful lot. If you have less than 3 characters, you’d be needing only 2 tabs, which works out to a mere 30,000 gold. Should be chicken feet at about level 30 or so. And how many of us would want as many as 5 characters before one touches level 30? The monetary scaling feels a little off. Potential rendering of banana notes….

  6. Does anyone know if there is a reason to max the crafters on more than 1 character, I would assume you only would need to do it on one character since you get the shared stash and can make items for the others characters on the maxed crafters character?

  7. Yet another design feature “borrowed” from Torchlight…  checkpoint death system, gun-totin’ vanq… I mean demon hunter, phase beasts going to treasure rooms, etc etc

  8. I am least pleased about how they handled this.  Gold should not be shared, without the option to track each characters progress; each character, upon start, should get a new (free) section of stash; there should not be diminishing returns in stash size for having more than 5 players.  Basically, Jay was full of shit when he made such a “production” about being the lone holdout against a team who though that there was just too much storage space, so much space that it boggled the mind. /disgusted
    And I don’t give a damn about the arguments about item sinks, I am a collector, and my gems and runes alone will fill an entire panel or two.

  9. Maybe the pattern is like \each tab costs as much, as you had to pay in total for the previous one\? Then the fourth one would have to cost 250,000. Assuming I understood the scheme correctly.

  10. Diablo 2 also had a checkpoint death system with the waypoints. You still had to recover your gear from your body though…

  11. I don’t know … 350 spaces for ALL chars? Isn’t it a little too few (taking into consideration salvaging & selling)?

    • I agree… those of us that like collecting of any kind are surely going to run out of space.   Hopefully they correct this.   Or maybe they just want us to buy 2+ copies of D3 🙁

      • I have actually wondered something similar.  By handling gold and stash the way they do, along with the 10 char max (to claim, as they did, that it was easier on their servers is just stupid, as there was no max on WoW, even back in 04, as you could play on multiple servers), they practically force parents to buy each of their kids a copy, rather than just getting one for the family to share- which is rather sleazy, IMO.  One more way to push the bar.

        • What are you talking about? WoW has a max of 10 characters per server and 50 characters total… And I would hope that each kid would have a copy anyway so they can all play at the same time and party up…

  12. Damn it to hell, are they trying to force to play stupidly twinked characters!? Why do the hate the true solo-style play so much!? ARGH!

  13. Based on these gold prices, it looks like gold won’t be as ‘abundant’ in big numbers as it was in D2. This doesn’t necessarily make gold any more valuable though – just means it drops in smaller denominations. So I’m still waiting to see how useful it ends up being: wow gold vs d2 gold.
    Liking what sounds like a fairly big stash once maxed out. Though if D2 items were any indication, I’d probably need several of such stashes anyway. With only 1 account per purchase – as I understand it – I don’t think that will be possible.

  14. Anybody else notice they made each tab have a different icon? Also, you should’ve put armor in the stash while switching between the different class looks instead of the weapon because those never change…

  15. I think 2 things are needed : 1) Item exchg.,   2) Item storage
    1) D3 has a single pool of items/gold for all your chars. So it’s a fine solution to item exchange.
    2) In D2, ATMA or Pluggy are required for me to play. Now D3, lets you have 5×70 squares :

    …350 squares… that is not enough, WAAAAY not enough. I know I will accumulate gems, runes, materials, socketed items, rare rings, rare orbs, all uniques and set, etc. I only hope you can “Send to Vault” some items or something, otherwise I will stop playing D3 when I run out of space ! Seriously, I hope there’s no limit to the number of characters you can create and that there is an infinitely expandable storage for items.

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