Starcraft II, Diablo I Total Conversion

Fmulder spotted a cool video showing off a Starcraft 2 mod that’s been entirely reworked to play like Diablo I.

It’s an amazing effort; all of the game sounds, monster sounds, and NPC voices have been imported, the D1 UI returns (and looks incredibly small after a month of D3), and the modders have done a good job recreating the look and layout of Tristram and the Cathedral. They’ve even found a way to create random level layouts, in the classic Diablo style.

This video shows character creation and some early game play, and it’s worth checking out.

I have no idea if this is anything more than a cool novelty; has anyone played it enough to tell if there’s an actual aRPG feel to the game, and if the items improve, monsters grow more difficult, etc?

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20 thoughts on “Starcraft II, Diablo I Total Conversion

  1. Amazing! I replayed D1 and D2 in preparation for D3. Let me just say, that modder did a marvelous job. He has done a great job in recreating a classic game. (BTW, when I first played it through I forgot how limited D1 was, I remember it being so expansive at the time I played it. Going back really showed the limitations of a nearly 20 year old game. Was also a pain to get to work right on Win 7 but I managed to do so. Fun time.

    • lol agreed on all points.  I was constantly yelling at my character to go faster in D1 lol.

      • That can add to the fun sometimes – being swarmed by spitters and just praying you get to that corner first…
        Ability to run in town would have been a big blessing though.

  2. wow!!! that’s sick. very good job.
    oh and flux – the real D1 interface was a lot clunkier than that, right?

  3. Amazing. And he fights monsters while standing in the doorway to avoid being surrounded. Brings back memories.

  4. Very cool, must have been a ton of work, I’ll stick with the actual game when I need my D1 fix though.

    Hey Flux, has Blizzard made any official comments on the port?

  5. Husky is obnoxious.

    The custom map is surprisingly full-featured. I’ve played this one before. Environments and gear are actually randomized, and a lot of the WoW models he chose are pretty fitting and work with the sound set. There’s a lot of problems, though, especially combat: monsters seem to respawn at times and you have no real way of knowing it, and you *have* to hold down shift to attack. Attacking requires a monster in range and it can get real awkward real quick.

    But still. The game even has shrines and cursed items, and they work the same as in D1. 

  6. If you own SC2 and don’t have a system that will run D1, this is a no brainer. The sounds/music especially send you right back.

    • Wait… if your system can run SC2, how could it fail to run D1? There are fixes out to handle the incompatibilities with Windows 7.

    • You should send an email to his customer service department and see if you can get a refund.

    • Why is that BS? I’ve found that unique ring that gives all max resist and -1 HP/sec on the 1st level in Diablo I on normal, but it’s a very rare drop for that level. Same with books, sometimes a lot and sometime none for the first few levels. Well, I’m not sure what they made the actual drop rates, so yeah, I might just be mumbling crap!

  7. Haha.
    And you have to go ONLINE to download this map, I’ll bet. DRM!! Now if you could order it on a floppy disk from a catalog… 

  8. I just wanted to knock the guy around a little there were some obvious things he missed throught out playing. Glad to see the game has been remade once again. Reminds me of playing the Neverwinter nights remake of Diablo 1. Which reminds me I need to find out what that was again. It may be on my windows xp HDD that has a hosed windows install but easy enough to hook up via usb port since UI have the inner workings of a external HDD that still work. Problem was the way it was designed was causing the external HDD to overheat and cuase issues when using it so I had to take it apart.

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