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    Beta Invite Confirmed to be a Hoax

    With the re-launch of Battle.net, Blizzard have also started the StarCraft II Beta invite program. Randomly selected account holders of a Battle.net account will get an invitation to join the anticipated Beta.

    Shortly after the new version of Battle.net, (called Battle.net 2.0 by the fans) was launched, fans could create accounts, log on and add games to the account for free download whenever they need it. Some features are not working perfectly for all regions, but the site is live, and some fans reported getting invitations to the StarCraft II closed beta, which has not yet been given a release date.

    Let me remind StarCraft fans that this is a Beta invite, and looks different than the Wrath of the Lich King Beta application Blizzard used last year. The person who got this message is invited to the beta. This is how Blizzard have picked out beta testers in the past. We’ll see if this is just some remnant of that system, or if we’ll see more of the “new” opt-in system from WotLK.

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