Starcraft II hit stores today, and there was much commerce. Blizzard held launch events all over the world, with excited masses lining up to get their mitts on the prize. Our sister SC2 site is neck deep in news about the launch and the game, with pictures and first hand reports galore. Some links to stuff I found interesting.

    Collector’s Edition Unboxing: MD took 59 photos of the process, showing off the goodies within. The D3:CE has been a topic of discussion in our forums of late, so feast your eyes on the SC2:CE and dream of the future!

    NYC midnight launch: MD went and reported, with photos. Also launch reports and video from Paris, Stockholm, Moscow and Brisbane, and Australia. Or see the full launch gallery with shots from all over the world.

    Blizzcast #14: It’s an all-SC2 extravaganza with developers Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder.

    Remember a couple of weeks ago when we reported that SC2 cost over $100m to develop? Well the WSJ corrected their initial article and said the $100m figure was for WoW, not for Starcraft 2. They didn’t cite a new figure for SC2 in their correction, but one assumes it’s a lot less than $100m. (Incidentally, $100m isn’t outrageous for an MMO; all the AAA MMOs are running well over $50m since they’re such large and complicated projects.) In other SC2 financial news, industry analysts are predicting that SC2 could generate more than $350m in revenue in its first year. Which would make even that erroneous $100m figure seem a pretty good investment.

    Finally, check out the SC2 cinematic launch trailer. It’s got pretty stuffs and if nothing else, will make you salivate at the thought of (someday) seeing Diablo 3 cinematics done at this level of quality.

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