Remember the AMD/Blizzard leak for StarCraft 2 graphics requirements? Well, StarCraftWire.net’s tech guru Kalos who uncovered this leak and unreleased screenshots from the game engine has now put together all the information available from Blizzard official sources, technical knowledge and technology limitations to iron out what actual hardware is recommended to play StarCraft 2 Beta when you get your hands on it.

    Why is this interesting for the Diablo 3 community?

    Well, even if Diablo is a bit behind StarCraft II in the development cycle, they both use Havok physics and Pixel Shader 2.0. The graphics requirements between the two games will be quite similar. A good look at this rig is one way to make sure you are specced up for Diablo III to show the game in its full gory glory! So, go ahead and take a look:

    • Kalos’ StarCraft 2 Hardware Guide

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