sc2-hots-wings1I hate to publicize it since I find the various “wings” a visual annoyance when other players are wearing them in multiplayer games of Diablo 3. (I wind up wasting at least half a dozen Crashing Rain blasts a game targeting another player as they zip on or off the edge of the screen and my peripheral vision detects them as a glowing Champion type enemy.)

    That said, this came up in clan chat last night, so here’s your notice. The digital editions of Starcraft 2 and the first SC2 expansion are on sale for $10 (or 10 Euro) each for the next few days, via the Blizzard store. Purchasing the digital version of Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty (the first SC2 expansion) grants a special SC-themed banner, plus those bone scythe style Kerrigan wings. Which, come to think of it, are a lot less visually-bright than the various glowing blue or yellow wings. So on second thought, everyone go buy this and activate those wings! At least when you’re partying with me, or other wing-averse players.

    Blade Wings & Banner Sigil in Diablo® III

    Grow zergified wings in honor of the Queen of Blades, and unfurl an exclusive banner sigil to herald your Swarm pride throughout the besieged world of Sanctuary.

    The sale is active in the US store and EU store for the same 10 price, Euro vs. Dollar exchange rates aside.

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