StarCraft 2 Beta Preview has taken a look at and made a preview. Many of the new features and ways the network works is explained, and is a recommended read.

While it’s not really related to Diablo 3 very much, it;s still interesting to see how things might turn out when D3 finally hits beta.

Here is a short snip:

The connectivity is something Blizzard has taken very seriously and it plans are to make the new into a super-complex Instant Messenger (IM) system. Players of all (modern) Blizzard games will be able to chat in-game with each other using text or voice, provided they accept each other as “Real ID” friends.

The new Real ID friend status is initiated by adding someone with their registered e-mail rather than screen-name. This has to be confirmed on the receiving end, and then the two friends are free to chat away. You should only do this with close friends, since this will display your real name to them.

You can find the article here:

  • StarCraft 2 Beta Preview

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