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As Blizzard continues to release Diablo III patches with info and images from the full game, the amount of spoilers (the entire game’s plot/story/locations/bosses/etc are now known) continues to rise. We’ve quite deliberately *not* been posting everything on the main page or in the wiki, since we don’t want to ruin the game for people. Besides, if you want mega spoilers like that you need merely browse some of the threads (like this one) in our Diablo 3 Beta forum.

But since lots of you guys don’t have time to click through every forum thread, we’ve created a new folder in the image gallery just for these data-mined beta spoilery images. For instance, that tiny thumb to the right is too small to recognize on purpose, since it shows quest/achievement images of all four act bosses, color-coded by difficulty level. If you don’t want to know all the act bosses, then don’t click it, and don’t view other images in that gallery since they’ll give away all the act boss names, and show numerous other secret monster and NPC encounters, hundreds of character/monster/NPC portraits, and many other such things.

You have been warned, but the mission is yours, should you choose to accept it.

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  1. So now we know why they showed that early 2005 or whenever it was concept of “Lord of Sin” at Blizzcon – return as Rakanoth.

  2. It’s beyond me why they would include this kind of content in the beta tbh … it can hardly be considered deliberate publicity right?

    • Yeah, seems a bit silly to me, as well. There’s no need for this stuff to be included in the beta. They can very easily see that people are doing this data mining. I would’ve thought it would only take them a couple of minutes to exclude the files from the MPQs: at the very least they could replace them with empty files and just retain the filename (would still give a lot away, though).

      • I was wondering that myself…..and to be honest i dont have any idea why im sure they have the resources to cut them out and i would like assume they didnt forget……

        • *puts tin foil hat on*

          The same could be said of Blizzard putting in things early WoW even though they know people datamine the crap out of that game so maybe the don’t really care or are fine with people learning some things early just to raise the hype indirectly for those that are into the game enough to look for stuff like that…

  3. Adria on second pic… with Black Soul Stone hm?

  4. yeah, these are pretty big spoilers.  I’ve been spoiled.  Oh well.

  5. Snort this is nothing really I mean look at the pic and all you can tell is theres 4 bosses and each gives an achievement reward when you kill them on each difficulty. <- There’s no clue as to who each of them are, apart from Mr D and that only because of his nose and well that not really a spoiler.

  6. im glad i lost to curiosity and clicked in all the spoilers in this site. not spending any cash in this game.

    • you too think that these bosses icons look awful and walt disney-esque? I just wonder if they can manage to make a good game with that kind of dumbed-down aesthetic… I’ll try the demo if they release one, and decide.

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