Blizzard has hotfixed out shared bounty bonuses anywhere in the same game, effectively ending split farming. You now need to be on the same level when the bounty is completed to earn the award. Time for Teamwork!

    Here’s the quote from the Reaper of Souls Closed Beta hotfix page:

  • Players no longer receive rewards for a bounty if they are not in the same level area as the bounty as it is being completed.
  • This is part of our solution regarding the concern of “split farming” bounties. Please note that we are still exploring other options.
  • Players now need to be within 100 yards of each other in order to benefit from the Strength in Numbers buff.
  • The Strength in Numbers buff is not related to Bounties, but I guess while they were fixing distance-exploitable issues, they might as well take care of it also. Blizzard added some more detail to these fixes and other issues in a series of forum posts Monday afternoon, before the hotfix went live:

    We recognize that split farming is an issue, and one that we want to address. Our first step will be the above referenced hotfix that will prevent players from receiving a reward if they are not in the relevant area when a bounty is completed. At this time, I’m unable to provide an ETA for when this hotfix will go live, but I’ll keep you updated! You can also keep an eye on the Hotfix thread, as I’ll move the fix to Live when it becomes available.

    This is just a first step to addressing this concern, as we are also looking into other possible adjustments or solutions. =)

    I like these changes
    Just to clarify, I was quoting what was requested in the original post, not listing all of those as upcoming changes. The only change I mentioned at the time is that players not in the area when a bounty is completed won’t be rewarded. Want to be clear on that for those who only read Blue Trackers and not full threads. 😉

    Or was that simply just an oversight in the notes?
    This was just an oversight in the wording. I’ll revise it a bit in a moment, as I just found out this went live a few minutes ago. =) The intent is that a player shouldn’t receive a reward at all if they are not in the area when the bounty is completed.

    This split farming fix seems like a good one to me. It was definitely an exploit to get 2 or more players in a game and all rush off to different areas, even different acts, in order to finish the bounties quickly while sharing all the rewards.

    The plaid-ness has sort of grown on me...

    The plaid-ness has sort of grown on me…

    Requiring everyone to be on the same level is a good level of fix — they could have made it 50 or 100 yards, and probably some players would argue for that, but I think just on the level is good enough. I guess that’s still kind of an exploit, but when you get a bounty on a big level it’s pretty common for players to head in different directions to find the bounty target more quickly. That’s a good plan when looking for KeyWardens (who don’t blink with a yellow circle on the map and are thus much harder to locate than Bounties), and you need to coordinate when doing KWs, since each player has to be fairly nearby to get a drop and a chance at a key. You also need to be nearby to get a drop from the bounty, but they usually just pop out a Rare, so it would be annoying to have to get that close when all you really care about is the bounty.

    No mention of requiring players to complete all five bounties in an act in order to get the goodie bag reward. Currently you can join a game when 4 bounties are already done in an act, and so long as you earn the 5th, you’re good for the special bonus goodie bag from Tyrael. I guess that’s an exploit, but it’s not like anyone can really cheat with it; you’ve got no way to tell how many bounties someone has done in a game before joining, and if you’ve got a bunch of friends who will do 4 bounties per act and then wait around for you to join on the 5th, congrats. Your pimphand is indeed strong.

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