It was just last week, but it seems like we’ve already forgotten the fun we had anticipating and conspiracy theorizing over the mystery pre-WWI splash images, and the strange harbinger of a purple evilpenguin that accompanied them.

    If you want to relive those days, or you weren’t following that closely as the mystery unfolded, we’ve completely updated the Splash Image Article we kept rolling each day last week. It contains all the splash images in order, along with the prevalent theories and debates that had hundreds of anticipating fans crowding the forums each night at midnight Blizzard time, when the new splash image was about to be revealed.

    While the correct interpretation of the main splash images is now pretty clear, (D3 FTW!!) there’s still no official word on what the purple “evilpenguin” represented, or why the six numbers from Lost were included in the file names. None of the D3 team guys knew anything about it when they were asked at the WWI, and it might just have been an inside joke by the Blizzard web team.

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