A fan asks if Splash Damage in Reaper of Souls works, and gets a Blue confirmation. I have tested it a fair amount myself and agree that it functions, but not as well as it should or could. Details after the quote:

    I tried to equip some items with Splash Damage affix but I still don’t see any difference even with 52% splash damage (40% from paragon points in Area Damage and 12% from an item). I don’t see any flyover white messages when hitting mobs (like ‘Frozen’, ‘Stunned’). How can I tell that Splash Damage really works?
    Tsarnis: An Area/Splash Damage proc is not accompanied by a floating text notification. The damage will be represented in floating damage numbers however, just like any other type of damage.

    If you would really like to test this, equip whatever Splash Damage gear you have, turn on “Display Damage Numbers” (in Gameplay Options) and gather up a small group of monsters. Attack just one of them with a single-target damage skill. When the effect procs you will see damage numbers appear above other monsters within range of your target.

    I was a fan of this property early in the RoS beta, or at least a fan of the idea of it. The way it works is that all hits have a 20% chance of dealing X% damage to other enemies in the area. The 20% chance of the proc never changes; what changes with gear and Paragon points is the % of your weapon damage that’s applied via the “splash.” In this way it’s exactly the opposite of what Crushing Blow was, where CB had a flat damage but the % chance of it triggering was increased by gear.

    Area Damage=Splash Damage.

    Area Damage = Splash Damage.

    To echo the Blue, Splash Damage does work. Earlier in the beta I experimented with it a fair amount, and stacked it up on my Barbarian to compliment his dual-wielding Frenzy build, so I could add AoE damage to his very fast, single-target attack. It worked okay, and with 60% Splash Damage I could melt down whole packs of trash mobs while just hitting one enemy, or kill off minions while just beating on the Boss.

    The problem is that the Splash damage never included Crushing Blow (back when that still existed) or Critical Hit damage. None of the damage numbers that appear over the Splash enemies ever show yellow, and I never saw any of those numbers bigger than about half of my non-crit damage. (I can see the fairness of not allowing splash damage hits to crit since that would be OP when you’ve got 8 or 10 enemies in range of splashing, but it’s weak that when you do a crit to the main target your Splash damage hits aren’t X% of the damage of the crit.)

    I don’t know if the “no crits from/with Splash damage” is a bug or by design, but it really limits the utility of the affix, which would otherwise have real potential to turn single target attacks (like Frenzy) into much more viable AoE tactics.

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