Spike VGAs Tonight – Diablo 3 Fails to Win

Update: Sadly Diablo 3 didn’t pick up an award. Mass Effect 3 picked up best RPG and XCOM: Enemy Unknown won Best PC Game. We have a full list of winners up now on IncGamers.com

As many of you know, tonight is the annual Spike VGAs, a time to dish out glittering prizes for the top games of 2012. Diablo 3 is nominated in the  Best RPG and Best PC Game category and it’s up against some stiff competition. If you plan to watch the show, then you can also join Tim, Peter and yours truly live on the IncGamers Twitch channel for opinion and commentary. The show kicks off at 6PM PST (2AM GMT)

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    63 thoughts on “Spike VGAs Tonight – Diablo 3 Fails to Win

      • I might have not had hopes but some at Blizzard maybe did

        Eric Grimenstein – Cinematics FX Artist at Blizzard Entertainment. I make things blow up and turn to liquid. Tweeted

        How did Diablo 3 not win PC Game of the year at the VGAs??? #robbed #VGAs #D3 #Diablo

    1. Diablo 3 didn’t win an award because the game didn’t earn it. Great game, don’t get me wrong, but not nearly as good as it could have been.

    2. Too much Blizzard hate all over the video game industry.

      So average games with 10% of Diablo’s 3 revenue get crowned because of an insane hate trolling campaign.

      I am going back to board wargames where people LOVE to play games together instead of vomiting all over the place.

        • Hey buddy McDonalds serves the best cheeseburger on Earth. I know because they sold a lot of them DERP!

        • No shit. Blizzard has lost its fucking way. What they have managed to dominate, however, is the hype award. No other company can raise expectations so high with blatant lies and supposed mechanics. They then give a game with a story written by a retarded giraffe with a crayon and a helmet. What’s more is that they force you to see the story every fucking play-through, over and over and over.

          • I think that is changing. I know my feelings towards this company have based exclusively on how they have handled this game from 2 years before release until now.

            I truly believe this game owes its success to Dave Brevik and the team that made Diablo2 so kickass and the incredibly long wait between games. Then some fat useless slob takes over and incorporates all of his female family members into the game as bosses and look where we are now… thanks jay!

    3. Eh, I didn’t really see D3 winning nor am I for it. D3 has to fix its flaws first before it can win awards.

      I’m sure of myself that I’m not a fanboy, but there’s just way too much hate on this game. I have my own criticisms that most already voiced for me, but seriously?

      I know a lot of you are disappointed and a number of you have definitely expressed that here, hoping that the developers redeem themselves and the game. Some lost hope entirely.

      But now, I can’t even stand to participate anymore. It makes me feel ashamed I’m part of this community, not just IncGamers, but the entire fanbase. I’m mad not because of the game, but because of the community.

      I’m not going to leave, since this is still the site where I get information from. I don’t know what to say anymore, and I don’t care if this comment is structured or not. I just want to put this out here. I’m just disappointed. I thought really high of you guys and I’ve lost most of my respect.

      Elly, Flux, and every one responsible, good job on running this site. It’s just the people in here I have a problem with.

      • Pfft. This is the internet, you aren’t allowed to have moderate opinions on things.

        If there’s anything I’ve learned from the “fans” here, it’s that people have no idea what they want (inferno won’t be hard enough/is too hard/should/should not be a new difficulty level, just for starters), except to complain.

        • I think the big problem with Inferno was that it was very hard (maybe too hard). But only for people who were not willing to use the auction house.

          And in my opinion beating a difficulty should primarily require Skill and not money.

      • I agree with you Rodge.

        These times video gaming sites are sickening. D3′ vomit is ridiculous and the same applies to WoW and other popular games.

        People here should visit http://www.boardgamesgeek.com to view how boardgamers and wargamers interact positively to support each other and their gaming communities. 30 year old games are advertised and promoted, whatever the rating, the views or preferences.

        Players help each other find rules, missing parts and it is a pleasure to visit the different postive forums and tranquility.

        These video game websites are the exact opposite and frankly guys … You are not helping this childish industry at all.

        Your vomit is responsible for a serious lack in growth these last few years.

        D3 is a great game and name calling is just a reason to ignore video gaming sites.

        In the long run it will turn against you all.

        • Was there a troll meeting we forgot to attend or something?

          The reason why the games industry is experiencing a “serious lack of growth” is because of a global recession.

          The recession has meant that companies are not willing to take risks, so they are releasing “safe”, uninspiring games.

          In the case of D3, it is a terrible game because of its many flaws, not because of its player base.

        • The developers create games that attract children. Gaming companies have taken games away from gamers, and given it to the zinga horde.

          • Zynga is only perceived as winning the gaming fight… they make no money they will not exist in the not too distant future. They are on to something though.. quick reward.

            The reality of why our games are getting “watered down” and the learning curve so shallow is that attention spans of kids and teenagers, which is a main target group, are getting so short. Look at the games that are most popular and you’ll see an action based game which is simple and a kid can pick up and play. COD and Diablo .. people knock it but it’s what the kids want. It’s our teenagers skinner box… What I personally like most about Diablo is the RNG.. it’s like gambling for free…. with a little more skill to pull the handle.

            The best sold games aren’t there because of their story lines, delicate gameplay of cinematography. They are there because they tweek our brains with reward and keep us coming back.

            We have entered a slippery slope of too simple, however look at some of the korean MMO’s or action RPGs and they seem overly complicated.

        • Dude. The fanbase for D3 has been created by Blizzard approach to it. The approach suckz ballz until this very day. So, no wonder the communict suckz ballz as well, arguably. Go read how sc2 developers talk to the fans (e.g. me). I don’t feel offended every time i read an update from these guys.

    4. It’s no surprise D3 didn’t win an award. It’s a grindy pay-to-win treadmill with abysmal writing and little depth.

      Sometimes I WANT a brainless clickfest, so that’s mostly fine with me, but there’s no comparison between this and Mass Effect. Even ME3’s crap-tastic original endings came out more favorable than Maghda’s butterfly magicks.

    5. Well, seeing The Walking Dead as their best game of the year and Halo 4 winning best graphics, this VGA is like an MTV Award show for me.

    6. Cutting corners and removing some of the best ideas just prior to release . I wonder why D3 never got an award .

      I hope the developers are happy , it could have been number one .

    7. D3 is a crap game. I’ve been farming act3 for few days now, after almost 4 months of no play, and after 2 days finally a legendary droped, stormshield. And then I go to AH to check how much such a rolled ss cost, and find that you can get one for 50k coins. So much for legendaries and farming items. I wish they made lvl 63 rares somehow different from all the rest of rares so I don’t even bother to pick them up.

    8. Best Graphics – Halo 4

      WoW, upscaled 720p game won in best graphic category – it’s 2007 again or what ?:)

    9. I still have high hopes for this game. The game is good, destroying evil is extremely satisfying, but the item hunt needs to be better. The fact that you are forced to used the auction house to advance is ludicrous, it’s sacrilege. What happened is that Activision is greedy, and I’m sure the devs had good ideas that were shot down by the real producers of the game. Much the same way that movie director’s are forced to cut certain parts of their films to meet the expectations of the producers. I’m hoping that by the time PVP comes out we will have our director’s cut of the game.

    10. Didnt win because they didnt deserve to… Thats the high cost that Blizzard will have to pay, specially because they are used to win all of this nominations… Im glad they didnt win.

    11. I’m VERY HAPPY that Diablo 3 didn’t win. It didn’t deserve it. Jay Wilson fucked us from the beginning.

    12. the US forums are down due to maintenance


      Saturday morning is an unusual time to do maintenance.
      I wonder if it’s really maintenance or if they just took them down because they were getting too many posts about the awards.

      • They were down before the end of the show I tried to log in to see who won but you couldn’t post anything since about 10 pm central last night.

    13. Imo Blizzard ignored a lot of the things that made D2 really good and decided to put a gamble on their own ideas for D3.

      I am quite satisfied that D3 didn’t win anything because it didn’t deserve to win anything. In the end D3 is just a pay to win kind of game and any game like that doesn’t deserve to win anything.

      Plus the fact that D3 has like no lasting entertainment. Endgame still falls short, pvp not out, ubers aren’t worth the time, loot system is sketchy, customization isn’t really their.

    14. I put very little stock in something like the Spike VGA’s. They pick Mass Effect 3 as best RPG, which is something you would never find on my machine, and that really shows me how much I could really care about their insight.

      • just because you’d never find mass effect 3 on YOUR machine, does not simply make it not good enough to win an award. i got FAR more enjoyment out of ME3 than i ever did diablo 3.

    15. SADLY??? Who said anything about sadly? Extremely glad to see D3 didn’t win shit, because it doesn’t deserve to win anything BUT shit. not with that useless team leader behind it

    16. VGAs are a Joke.

      Walking Dead GOTY?

      Its nothing more than a pick your own adventure… It barely feels like a game.

      Theres no real meat to this game. Even Undead Nightmare a DLC has more bang for its buck then this entire so called game.

      Nothing more than a awards show being put on by the investors. The whole show is anothing but an over hyped commercial.

    17. “Sadly” D3 didn’t win?

      More like thank god; surely the VGA wanted to maintain a semblance of credibility.

    18. I have never known an online game where its community forums didn’t have fans who defended the game to the bitter end. The game may have sold 10 copies, or 10 million, its always the same. It does get annoying, knowing that the responses to this news is that the award show has zero cred and D3 is awesome. You just knew that was coming. You knew that, had Blizzard actually won an award, D3 defenders wouldn’t be saying that.

      • lol what are you smokin? I’m all for giving praise to effort made, like I do with Bioware, but noone in their right mind would be able to defend D3, unless they’re 5 years old and don’t understand a damn thing about behind its core design philosophy.

        and the core design philosophy of D3 ain’t to be fun, but to bleed each and every player dry, and relieve them of their last dollar in their pocket.

        • I find Diablo 3 the best game I played in many years.

          And no comment of an idiot can take that away from me.

          • lol if petty insults is the best you can do, obviously your eyes are brown becuz you’re full of shit, and you can’t come up with a plausible response to defend your opinion. and probably a failtroll to boot

    19. Well, one could argue that because it has been 10 years since D2, Diablo fans have grown up but the Diablo target market from Blizzard’s point of view has remained the same. So the game seems childish.

      • Unfortunately, the argument falls at the first fence, since Diablo III has little to no depth. That makes it objectively childish. 🙂

    20. Still, Need for Speed Most Wanted is a really good game. I also loved NFS Underground 1 and 2 (maybe even more).

    21. Diablo 3 won me and that’s all that matters for having fun


      I don’t need blizzard haters to enjoy D3.

      There are millions of players who I can play with as grouping takes one second for any quest.

      No doubt 2013 will bring awesome pvp and probably a popularity that will rival WoW numbers.

    22. Good! If Diablo 3 won, I would fully believe 100% that the VGA were just paid off and an advertisement platform for the games and publishers. Glad to know, people see the flaws in Diablo 3 and aren’t brainwashed into picking it.

    23. I thought it was going to win based on popularity but I am relieved it did not. Not the worst game but certainly it did not deserve to win not to mention even nominated for any award unless there was going to be an award for Most Overhyped pc game.

    24. I wish every comment on this site also displayed your total hours played in d3.

      Yes, d3 is different from d2. Did all of you haters truly experience no fun playing the game? Personally, I loved the game throughout my normal difficulty playthrough for the three classes I have played. Did everyone who despises this game play a single class and blitz through to inferno?

      I agree the end game item hunt is lacking, but I still play it and get some fun out of it, but that is starting to wane as well. But this is long after crossing 100 hours played. The combat system is awesome, but the rewards, not so much.

      I have spent a lot of time farming inferno, way more time into this game than I ever spent in d2, and that is primarily because trading in d3 is far easier than it was in d2.

      Anyway, my point is this – did the haters get $60 of entertainment out of d3? I have long passed this mark. This is not wow – continual improvement through patches will be limited. Even so, post release they have added a ton of content and tweaks far faster than they did for d2.

      The game is far from flawless – but what do you expect for $60???

      • This. After launch there were many “After 120 hours I hate this game so much bawwww!” threads. At $60, that’s 50 cents per hour of entertainment… it’s still pretty cheap, and kept you busy long enough to “hate” it.

        Skewed priorities I guess.

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