SpellForce 2 Expansion Release Delayed By Diablo 3

With Diablo 3 coming out on the 15th you would think other publishers would be avoiding releasing any titles around the same time. Let’s face it, the Diablo 3 audience is massive and it’s Blizzard’s first release for quite some time. The only other title of note that’s going head to head with Diablo 3 on the 15th is Max Payne 3, which will appeal to a different audience. However, Nordic games were so concerned about releasing their expansion for SpellForce 2, called SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny, they have delayed its release until June. In a statement from Nordic Games’  Philipp Brock, they made it pretty clear releasing at the same time would be a bad idea.

“As many already know, hell breaks loose on 15th of May 2012 and may possibly cause a global decrease in productivity, “sick leaves”, and consumption of vacation days. We think that this is a very unfavourable time for the release of SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny and have therefore decided to postpone it. Due to lowered resistance values, even we here at Nordic Games are not immune to said phenomenon and expect anomalies with regards to working hours of our colleagues and employees”.

It sounds like even the team at Nordic Games will be taking time out to take on Diablo and it’s nice to see a developer being up front about the reason for delaying their game.

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    21 thoughts on “SpellForce 2 Expansion Release Delayed By Diablo 3

    1. I wanted to play MP3 but since it releases the same day as D3 I’ll just play it in late June.

    2. “It sounds like even the team at Nordic Games will be taking time out to take on Diablo and it’s nice to see a developer being up front about the reason for delaying their game.”
      Very very VERY nice .

    3. It’s great to see this level of sportsmanship and respect for Blizzard in the games industry.  I think it speaks well to others of our hobby/e-sports/gaming in general.

    4. In a way Max Payne isn’t going head to head with D3.  The PC version of Max Payne isn’t coming out till May 29th.

      I played Max Payne 1 & 2 enjoyed both. Even though the wait has almost been as long for it as D3 I never once said, “Man, I really miss Max Payne. Wish they would bring out a new one.”

      I know there are a lot of people that have both a PC and console (aka Xbox360 and PS3) but I think the people that have both will play Diablo 3 over Max Payne.  There has been other great 3rd person shooters in the years between Max Payne 2 and 3. There hasn’t been a great ARPG since D2.
      Besides 3rd person action games always play better with a controller then a keyboard.

      As for the SpellForce team, see you on release.  😈

    5. i love reading honesty. its clear to me that going head to head with diablo is a bad idea, and its nice to see a dev team admit it. whats even better is, i have no idea what this game is but since they posted about it now they have my attention. good PR move.

      • Yeah, we all know it don’t we. We all know there are outside considerations when releasing a game so it’s nice when someone cuts through the pretence and admits it.

        This makes good business sense and means they’re able to get some diablo 3 playtime themselves 🙂

    6. Am I the only one anxious to play Max Payne 3, too? Okay, I won’t be playing it as much as I will play D3, but, heck, I wanna see how Rockstar is planning to ruin one of the most awesome franchises ever.

      • LOL what kind of logic is that?  That’s like being a Jewish soldier in WW2 and saying  “I can’t wait to try out the German P.O.W camps”

    7. Huh I thought Spellforce have gone for good after someone going bust now I hear there’s a new expansion?
      Pity they haven’t added Wide-screen to Spellforce 2 yet. I am looking forward to it as I like Spellforce.
      BTW I can understand that the release of D3 will have an effect on production due to folk having late nights playing it.

    8. Awesome by Nordic Games to be so open about it. Even more awesome that they’re saying ‘We’re gamers too and can’t wait to play the sodding thing’ 😉

    9. That level of honesty is incredible, ya gotta respect it.  No bs reasons simply “look…Diablo 3 is coming out then…we wanna play it and not worry how our game is doing” <3 to these guys.

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