The Pre-Blizzcon, ticker holder-only Blizzard online store sale we posted about a few days ago… didn’t work! So they’ve postponed by one day. It now starts Sunday morning. (Rather than today.)

    Due to issues with the #BlizzCon 48-hour store presale, the store will now be open 10/10 through 10/12:—Diablo

    Sunday Update: The extra stuff didn’t show up until well after the stated starting time, but eventually… it was there! Sadly, ordering problems persisted for many and the store was eventually shut down, but some fans grabbed some useful screenshots. Thanks to Glass for posting a bunch, in comments.  Here are two compilation images I made from all of the pics, grouping all of the Diablo 3, and all of the general Blizzcon merch. Click to see them bigger, in our Diablo III merch gallery.


    The store didn’t display any info about which, if any, of these things would be in the Blizzcon goodie bag that all show attendees will receive. The Blizzcon pin and keychain look like likely inclusions; stuff like that was given away at past shows, at least. I’d want to know, not having any burning need for 2 such trinkets, but perhaps that’s just me?

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