One guy (or a team of players; rumors are dueling) has been super power leveling “DiabloWikiAlkaizer,” a Barbarian who is now Paragon level 99, with 100 coming up in the not too distant future. He was about 99.4 late night Wednesday, and live streamed his progress for the past few days. (Update, he hit 100 and went to sleep early this morning, US time. Congrats.)

    It’s kind of surreal to watch, as he’s so geared up that he’s in god mode, for all intents and purposes. Watch him roar through every area of Act 3 in perpetual Sprint/WW/WotB form, moving so quickly the video appears to be playing at double speed, killing everything (including bosses) in one or two hits and not even pausing to pick up a single rare drop, since all he cares about at this point is the experience gain. (And sometimes set/unique items.)

    You can check out the character’s profile here, and note that he’s equipped almost entirely in Sets and Uniques, including everything but the hammer from the Immortal King’s Set.

    Update: The video below shows the magical moment.

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