World’s First Paragon Level 100

One guy (or a team of players; rumors are dueling) has been super power leveling “DiabloWikiAlkaizer,” a Barbarian who is now Paragon level 99, with 100 coming up in the not too distant future. He was about 99.4 late night Wednesday, and live streamed his progress for the past few days. (Update, he hit 100 and went to sleep early this morning, US time. Congrats.)

It’s kind of surreal to watch, as he’s so geared up that he’s in god mode, for all intents and purposes. Watch him roar through every area of Act 3 in perpetual Sprint/WW/WotB form, moving so quickly the video appears to be playing at double speed, killing everything (including bosses) in one or two hits and not even pausing to pick up a single rare drop, since all he cares about at this point is the experience gain. (And sometimes set/unique items.)

You can check out the character’s profile here, and note that he’s equipped almost entirely in Sets and Uniques, including everything but the hammer from the Immortal King’s Set.

Update: The video below shows the magical moment.

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86 thoughts on “World’s First Paragon Level 100

  1. This guy reminds me of the “guy with no life” as seen in the South Park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft”.

      • Bitter that I have a job, family, mortgage, etc? Ok, you got me there. Seriously though, you missed my point entirely. Allow me to put it a different way. Stop and smell the roses. Slow your roll. Whats your hurry? Etc. There was no endgame problem for me before the paragon system, but I like that they did it. I could actually care less if everyone has L100. I am enjoying the game. When they added paragon, I was happy and thought I wonder if I’ll hit L100 before any expansion that might come out. 160 levels? I’m good for awhile…

        however, i concur that the drop rates and loot quality still is not great.

  2. Mhh, nice to see him, how he “run” throw the levels and search for extra exp. Mhh, give some ideas for the personal gaming, but a little too fast, but nice to see

  3. yeah not that impressive as its only a matter of time before you max out on softcore, post again when the HC lot manage the same feat?

    • HC is exactly the same thing except that you play more defensive and thus take even longer …

      or you get dc’d which happens to everyone once in a while…

    • Like write a comment on a fan website to reassure your ego how productive and meaningful your activities are.

      • I was clicking the “Recommend” Button of your post for like 2 minutes.
        Now im sad i could give you just +1

      • Actually yes! Good example Earthrot. Some reassurance is always nice. Be it making a post, or spending two weeks straight lvling to 100 paragon. I would choose a simple post though, lots of free time afterwards you know.

      • No, he didn’t. Think about it. This wasn’t some heated competition where every second, every action counts. Not even close, the next guy was at least 30 levels back. He could have taken a full week off and still won.

        He didn’t spend two seconds on drops because he knew it was a complete waste of time.

    • The point is to get experience to reach level 100 paragon. Picking up and identifying rares will slow that down.

  4. This guy runs around with permanent Berserk (rune proc), no wonder that is that far in such a short time.

    • Like 4 people taking it in turns to complete a marathon in an extra fast time? (only without requiring any training/physical prowess).

      Be interesting to see when the first person can reach 100 paragon though.

  5. While I like Diablo *gasp* I never get why people watch live streams of other people playing it. Mind numbingly boring.

    • Better as work anyway 🙂

      Na, if he has the time to do this, ok, fine for him. But it find, such streans give some ideas for the own play, but with other classes i think, this speed of killing is nit makeable? i dont know..

  6. There is no doubt Blizz will try to change something to keep people from doing this. If a combination of skills will let you be near invincible, you can be sure Blizz will nerf one of them all to hell. On a personal level, I hated WW in D2 and I still hate it in D3. So this build doesn’t suit my preferences anyway. I like the hack and slash part of playing a barb, and twirling through monsters isn’t my idea of cool.

  7. Why does he have leoric signet on his enchatress and not on his barb? ( the ring that gives 30% exp bonus )

    • He talked about this on his stream last night. He prefers the SOJ for the 29% bonus damage to elites. He said the increased killing speed greatly outweighs the bonus exp gain from the Signet.

    • …and 300% base MF & GF. What he should’ve got? Million dollar prize from Blizz?

      Obviously you do not understand grinding games.

  8. I loved the fact that his Enchantress has better equipment than my main character. 😀

    I still have not found a legendary post 1.04 (level 7 Paragon).

  9. LOL, have any seen his chest???? Were this all legendarys???? Wow…

    Grats anyway…but what know? Another char? 🙂 heha

  10. In his profile I also see a sword in main hand, while I thought most ww barbs used an axe or mace for the +ctc. No other class seem to get near this level of efficiency. The #2 in the top10 is a DH with a substantially higher dps, and it might not be faster than a barbarian. A while ago I though the best xp farming build to be a perma-archon, but it is probably far more expensive to gear than the barb.

  11. His gear isn’t really that great. It’s good, but how blizz nerfs CM/ToC/etc and leaves this far more powerful barb build alone is beyond me.

  12. To everyone calling the guy a no life loser, I submit that he is just wasting his time more successfully than you are! 😀 This has no impact on normal players as its an outlier achievement so all the power to him. Congrats dude!

      • I was actually aware that it was a team (as mentioned in the first sentence of the article), but all the negative comments were directed at the one guy in the video. On the plus side your correction did get you + recommendations so there is that. 🙂

  13. I’ve seen better gear/stats on Barbs.

    Clearly he’s skipping all gear because he is trying to get to lvl 100 ASAP, not because he’s so godly that nothing will be useful.

  14. It’s not an achievement, it’s egotistical; spending up to 20 hours a day playing a game to be world first at something so vane. Hardly something to be proud of, really.

    • Did he ran around posting everywhere his achievement? Do you think anyone cares about him? I think it is not only egotistical, maybe a little bit only. It is just for the sake of a record, or just for his fun. He can do it, and he did it. Who cares who “he” really is….?

      Btw, what do you get besides of the useless avatar, for getting to paragon100? Nothing?

  15. Reminds me of the old ladder race in d2.
    Good job to the guys playing the barb.
    Anyone know how many they are?
    Where can i see when he reach level 100.
    It doesn’t show on the profile page.

    • There is no “many guys” … he did it alone. While going to University … no clue why Flux invented that “played by a team”…

  16. I thought Alkaizer has stated many times that he did this solo. He just had friends around watching and supporting him the whole time.

  17. He found 225 legendaries since patch.
    Probably even missed a bunch of rings and amus.

    He can literally farm dollars now.

  18. But are the item drops any good at max paragon level ? No point in doing this is items still are craptastic.

  19. Makes me look at the stats on my gear vs his. Mine aren’t as good but they are not horrible in comparison. I can’t even touch anything past mid act 3.

      • C’mon peeps, reading comprehension for the win.

        – First it is not 1 guy, it is a team of guys.
        – Secondly he was going for fastest possible xp to get Paragon 100 and picking up rares slows you down.

  20. HAHA! Check this out dudes.
    Before I saw this stream with the team taking turn playing this barb up to 100 I thought for sure it was a bot, who didn’t right.

    I got banned from Diablos official forum for saying that, NOW is that a great reason or what! This is funny.


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    Spamming / Trolling


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    If you feel that you have been wrongly suspended, please email: [email protected]

    By: Kevin#2141Forum > General Discussion
    Thread Title:
    Up with the BANHAMMER, Alkaizer = paragon100
    Reply #1
    Sep 5, 2012 10:31:26 AM
    Time to bring out the Banhammer. Alkaizer is just about to hit Paragon level 100. Any sec now.
    [edited by Kevin#2141]

    If you believe you are seeing this message in error, log out and log back in to clear your session.

  21. Do you realize how many legendaries he probably missed??????
    hahahah – doesn’t even bother looking at loot – too funny

  22. Good God, paragon level 100?! This guy deserves a medal for being able to stomach the monotony of D3 for that long.

  23. He stated on his stream on Tuesday several times that he is playing alone – where does the info come from that he played in a team? Because if that is just an assumption, its kinda sad that the website gives false info on the front page for such an achievement.

    Alkaizer still went to University etc., so he wasn’t playing 24/7 … he just was extremely dedicated and pulled it through.

    • +1 to you, I was coming here to post the same thing. Seems pretty silly to just assume it was a team of people. This was done by one guy, logging an average of 16 hours a day, playing extremely fast and efficiently.

  24. Shame on everyone who is hating on this guy…. I along with some others Congratulate him on reaching Paragon 100.

    Everybody hating grow the F*ck up. You all sound like Diablo 3 is the only great game ever made and should not be played like this… Well guess what, It ain’t. Its a game, everybody has a right to play it anyway he/she wants.
    Bli$$ should have pushed the Max lvl cap to 99-100, fixed the itemization and implemented a random terrain/dungeon/area generator, but instead introduced this retarded system and did not address the real “End Game” issues and again underestimating players (Diablo 3 beaten in less than 8 hours). Hats of to this guy that he actually played the same game again and again.
    I personally think that he did it to have no regrets, Borderlands 2 and TORCHLIGHT 2 are coming out in two weeks, maybe he just wanted to put in the closing chapter in Diablo 3 and move onto better things.

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