Sons of the Storm Unleash Diablo 3 Concept Art


After months with no update, the art team at Sons of the Storm has released a stack of Diablo 3 concept art which as usual is outstanding. The art by Drawgoon (Peter Lee) and  Red Knuckle (Mark Gibbons) is well worth a look because there are some early pieces from 2006/2007 with monsters that did not make it into the final cut of the game as well as environmental art.

  • View Peter Lee’s gallery
  • View Mark Gibbons gallery

Thanks Fmulder

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    23 thoughts on “Sons of the Storm Unleash Diablo 3 Concept Art

    1. I really like Lee’s location concept art (the creature concepts not so much, those look too alien-like). Those very high-fantasy concepts pretty much defined the look and atmosphere of WoW’s The Burning Crusade for me and I imagine he was involved in StarCraft art as well.

      Unfortunately, I think his style just screams ‘outer space’ and doesn’t fit the creepy, medieval, gothic theme of the Diablo series; it’s just too ornate/glowy/colourful for that.

    2. I’d agree wuth Carlylet about too spacey style of Peter Lee – his Heaven piece is a clear Protoss Mothership 🙂
      I like Mark’s punk wizard – she reminds me of Jack from Mass Effect.

      The creatures are very cool, though some of them, like Triune Pariah, while madly cool, are just useless in a Diablo game, which is sad 🙁

    3. looking at all this amazing concept art has really annoyed me, because it reminds me how good diablo 3 could have been!

      I know concept art always looks better than in game art, but these concepts are so much more inspiring than anything i have seen in game.

        • Yeah, Caldeum is really weird. We see this huge city in the concept art, and what we get in game is this “Hidden Camp” (?) and the little market bazaar. Then there’s a small journey into what is apparently the palace and that’s it. Didn’t really feel like a city at all.

          Act 1 and Act 3 had reasonable sizes for their towns, although arguably Act 1 would appear to have a resident population of about 30-40 people despite the hundreds of corpses we find out in the fields etc.

          • completely agree. i mean what did we get from all the epic concept art of this massive city? a hidden camp, a market, a walkway to the emperor’s palace, the entrance to the palace….
            thats it

    4. Hell, I say introduce many of those monsters as new random elites in the expansion packs! My personal favorite is the Hawk Mage being carried by the strong man – like a cooler version of the brutes carrying the gremlins in act 5 LoD.

      The Tristram concept art in particular is what has me disappointed. That image of old Tristram is great – and nothing like what we played. I’ll never forget the first time I wandered into the Old Ruins during Beta, realized it was the old town, and just shook my head. Didn’t really feel like the same place, y’know?

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