Something “really cool” for Diablo at BlizzCon 2016?

We are all hoping that this year Diablo will get more love at BlizzCon. Gamescom failed to deliver this year but maybe BlizzCon will bring some exciting news. Does the following tweet response mean we’ll get some kind of major announcement?

Let’s not forget all the job postings and the comment from a Blizzard CM that “Diablo fans are going to lose their ****” come BlizzCon 2016” from last year’s BlizzCon. We’re only a few months away from finding out.

What’s your take on this latest tweet from Blizzard? Diablo 4 perhaps or will BlizzCon just be “really cool”?

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  1. please be a high def remaster of D2

  2. The dream: D1 and d2 made into d3 modus and all chars are playable in each game. But i think its its a hd version + d3exp2 or d4

    • I doubt that would really work properly, and if they actually did do that, it would not come out that good with nostalgia intact.

  3. Best case scenario and most likely to happen with the following three things (IMO):

    D2 gets new patch announced that will up the resolution to 1280×720 (16:9 ratio) among other minor tweaks and quality of life improvements. (Same will happen with SC1)

    D3 gets major patch announcement with further content from the canceled expansion, such as Talisman feature and charms a well as new areas etc.

    D4 gets announced with a teaser.

  4. Only D4 can make us happy 😀

    • Third person “Skyrim” take on Diablo, set in a future (but still medival in that realm) when gods and demons is only stories, but we take on a hero, which will choose his or hers own path in becoming a “class” hero. Diablo 4.

      I would love that more than the hunt for the three in Diablo 0. Following Jared Cain, Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha.

  5. Oh, i forgot to mention that there is a significant chance that PVP is coming in D3 at last. Many of the bounties feature PVP maps from the playable PVP demos from previous blizzcons.

  6. They are NOT going to announce the new game with all the job postings. Aren’t they still advertising for Game Director? That announcement is a year away at the very, very least.

    D2HD is the best we can hope for.

  7. Given the job postings which talked about a “new game in the Diablo universe”, it’s D4. Also the intentionally defective 4-sided-die conspiracy. It’s obvious.

    D3 was going to get a second expansion, and Kanai’s Cube was to be a major new feature. But Mike Morihame decided, nah, let’s just give it (and some other unused content) away for free to restore our fans faith in the series since D3 was criticized so much. He actually went on record as having said that and thus basically confirmed 1) no D3X2 2) D4 in a few years from last year. Look where we are now.

  8. It’s important to understand that just because they are currently looking for a Game Director, it doesn’t mean that they’re not working on a new game. The truth is they almost certainly started working on a new Diablo game when D3 launched (even before RoS), because this is how it usually goes.

    In the beginning development is slow…

    – Ideas are being brainstormed
    – Art is being created
    – Gamemechanics are being discussed
    – Gamer-landscape is being observed to identify trends
    – Competitors are being examined
    – Retrospective on the previous game and it’s reception by the players and media (D3 in this case)
    – Lessons learned (I hope)

    The current Diablo game which is in development does have already a game-director, it’s just not an official one at this point. What they are looking for is a person that will be interacting with the gamers directly through various mediums. That game director will be the “official” game director facing the playerbase and the media. It’s more of a public figure rather than an actual person that dictates the course of action.

    I can assure you that Josh Mosqueira did not “single-handedly” improve D3 and create ROS. He was simply chosen as a “offical Game Director” because he is sympathetic when talking to people. He also has a strong contrast to Jay Wilson because he is younger and very enthusiastic about the game(or at least he appears to be).

    Josh was the official Game Director of RoS in the the public’s perspective, but not in reality when it comes to game development and game decisions. The way it goes is that many meetings are held, and teams of chosen few are simply “voting” on ideas to put into reality. Once the teams are presented with Ideas A, B and C, the team votes and B is chosen for example. Josh Mosqueira then takes responsibility for this mutual decision and officially announces these news.

    Josh Mosqueira arguably, did not have any passion for the Diablo franchise whatsoever in my opinion, but what he did have a passion for, is taking this opportunity that Blizzard gave him to have his name associated with a successful product and to advance in his career and being able to claim he was a “Game Director” for Blizzard once. He can’t be blamed for this, most if not everyone would have taken this opportunity. If he would have had a passion for Diablo, do you think he would have left the franchise after his first (perceived by the masses) “success”?

    Many articles have claimed that Josh left Blizzard because he was sure his departure would have “minimal impact on the team” and he was right, because the success of RoS was not due to Josh but due to the many changes D3 went through since the Vanilla fiasco. It was simply Josh’s face associated with RoS that was done in order to show the gamer-base that someone else and new is in “charge”.

    The current Diablo game is in full-speed Development right now. They are now looking for “faces” to be identified with the product, and people that will take responsibility for the decisions made (by the team) in the eye of the public. They are also looking for various other “specialists” to up the capabilities in areas where they may be lacking man-power or simple expertise / knowledge.

    In any case, I really hope that they will this time launch a game with game-aspects and features that actually end up being in the game itself at launch day. I personally think that it was scandalous to tease countless game-features that never made it into the final game. It hurt them a lot because people expected those things to be in-game but they were entirely absent at game-launch or still are absent for the overwhelming majority of cases.


    – Runes as item drops (with various quality) to boost and develop your skills of choice
    – PVP
    – Charms (including the talisman feature to prevent the clogging of inventory)
    – Death Animation during the Overseer Boss-Fight
    – Top-End loot from Bosses
    – Various maps and map segments that never saw the day of light in the final game

    • Thx for the (seemingly) inside view on the development process. 🙂

    • Sounds like a lot of made up crap, really.

    • For those still interested in a Diablo game designed by the same company that did the third installment to the series, let’s hope you’re wrong.

      Having the remains of Blizzard’s more experienced designers vaguely define a game, pitching one level, a cutscene and a logo to the public and then putting the whole thing into the hands of newly-hireds was exactly the road to the desaster that is D3. Analysis, planning and conception (as mentioned in your bullet points) are integral parts of ‘direction’, a process you ideally want your director already being present for …

      As for BlizzCon, remember they have announced wallpaper releases like divine revelations in the past, so “something really cool” might very well be something along the lines of a new Diablo-themed map for HotS.

    • “Josh Mosqueira arguably, did not have any passion for the Diablo franchise whatsoever in my opinion”

      Your opinion unrelevant in this case. For people’s characterisation I prefer firsthand impression. Did you work with Josh?

      “but what he did have a passion for, is taking this opportunity that Blizzard gave him to have his name associated with a successful product and to advance in his career and being able to claim he was a “Game Director” for Blizzard once”

      Straight up slander.

      “If he would have had a passion for Diablo, do you think he would have left the franchise after his first (perceived by the masses) “success”?”

      Departure from Blizzard unthinkable for homegrown game fan, i see. But Mosqueira worked 5 years in Diablo 3 team. Many people never worked so long at one place. Especially in game development, where everything is in flux. David Brevik once said: you only have so much time to make games. Brevik didn’t make next Diablo-clone either.

  9. I’m guessing it will be D2 remastered. I hope they make a D1 remaster along with it but I doubt it.

  10. Probably just a new non-pc series addition or new IP.

    Remember, it is marketing that is talking on twitter.

    • My money is on “Diablo-themed-bullshit-cashgrab-smartphone-game”.

      The few oldschool Diablofans who are not bitterly disappointed by Blizzard yet will be after Blizzcon. Never ever have they something cool to announce. Maybe it’s a microtransaction store for D3, so you can buy stashtabs. It’s going to be awful, i’m certain.

  11. i am just calling it now.

    it will be a new cinematic for a new diablo 3 expansion or diablo 4.

    i remember last year (or the year before?) when the new CEO came on and voiced his unhappiness with how blizzard game development has devolved and the studio will work on returning to its roots (story telling first /// game design 2nd).

    and tada Overwatch.

    do note that diablo 3 failed on both.

  12. “something really cool” sounds like a downgrade from “losing their shit”. Sounds like more blizzfail.

  13. Even as a diablo fanboy I have one answer for this – PoE Atlas of Worlds.

    It’s sad a company like blizzard can’t (or don’t want, what’s even worse) implement same amount of content in the game as GGG. Not mention it’s free in PoE.

    • I’m tired of corporate people telling me what’s “cool”. These are the same type of people that would only pick up a game if someone else were playing it with them. They’d drop it in a heartbeat like a smelly fish as soon as their friends weren’t playing it anymore. Something “cool” usually sums up to some corny, flashy gimmick that they render on an avatar.

      I really hope I’m wrong this time.

  14. Diablo MMO. Heaven, Hell, Nephalem and everything between.

    They need one for obvious income purposes. I know Diablo is an ARPG, but Warcraft was an RTS and is now both a MMO and a card game. I don’t know shit about technical stuff but my guess is that they will use the game engine from Overwatch (which came from the cancelled MMO “Titan”?).

  15. We dream about a D4 or a major expansion, but nothing will happen, its the same bullshit
    every year, there are still huge problems and bugs in the current version and then some of you really believe that Santa soon will give us a nev version or new Diablo??

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