news-corrupted-angels-griftsA player complained about DiabloWikiCorrupted Angels in Greater Rifts, and got a blue reply and some conversation.

    Those Corrupted Angels are a joke, they got like 75% dmg reduction and the same health pools as other monster types. If you got a map with alot of elites of this type you got a serious disadvantage.. Anarchs and stuff are annoying but acceptable, corrupted angels should be adjusted for grifts in my opinion.
    Grimiku: I’ve encountered a few Elite packs of Corrupted Angels in a Greater Rifts when I’m running solo, and using a build with a single element. When they’re coupled with Health Link or Extra Health, it can make them particularly tough to bring down, and sometimes that’s enough to keep you from advancing. All considered, though, ill-timed Corrupted Angels rarely seems to be the sole reason I fail to advance in a Greater Rift. With that, luck of the draw is kind of a recurring theme in Diablo games; you win some, you lose some, but the important thing is that you keep on killing!

    I don’t think there is any harm in talking a bit about it, though. What do you guys think about Corrupted Angels in Greater Rifts? Personally, I think it’s fine the way it is, even if it can be a little frustrating now and then.

    I’m bad at remembering proper monster names, so if any of you guys share that trait, Corrupted Angels are the winged, levitating, charge-from-offscreen, stagger-you-on-impact demons you first see in Act Four. They are annoying at all times, since they hit hard and flit around out of reach of melee attacks, since they semi-stun you with their hits, and since they have high defense/resistance so take a lot of hits to kill.

    Corrupted-angels-artworkThat said, the whole point of Diablo 3 is DiabloWikiRNG, and that extends to the the types of monsters you get in Grifts. Sure, it matters more there since everything is a race against the clock, but if Bliz takes out all the hard monsters, or things that take longer to kill, or spawn in lower density… what’s the fun in that? If every round is just an oatmeal of bland and easy monsters, where’s the accomplishment in putting up a faster time?

    The Blue seems to agree with me, as he (politely) says to suck it up and deal with the luck of the draw. So long as a DiabloWikiGrift isn’t bugged and actually has enough enemies to complete, sometimes it’ll be easy and sometimes it’ll be hard(er). That’s what makes it randomized and fun, isn’t it? No one’s posting PTR complaint threads because they got a Grift with Zombie Pukers and Scorpions and were therefore able to get 100% in 8 minutes clearing just half of the first level.

    Agree or disagree? Some Monsters are too hard for Greater Rifts?

    Update: Another blue reply when a fan asked something seen in the comments here as well. Why not just make harder monsters worth more progress bar?

    I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen more people make this suggestion, but…if Corrupted Angels are really giving people that much trouble, couldn’t we simply increase their ‘progress’ value on the rift completion bar such that they’re worth taking the time to kill?
    Grimiku: I like this suggestion, and plan on bringing it up in our next meeting. I certainly wouldn’t say that Corrupted Angels are a huge issue, but it might not hurt to be rewarded for the extra effort they can take.

    I guess the problem there is everyone has a different opinion of how difficult different monsters are, and it varies between classes? Melee fighters would probably like extra progress for killing something like a Mallet Lord, while those guys are just big target practice dummies for Demon Hunters and other ranged attackers. (Until you get a pack say… DiabloWikiVortex and DiabloWikiTeleporter.)

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