A fan brought up the issue on Battle.net and got some blue replies.

    Blizzard, you forgot to nerf champion affixes

    You said you didn’t want one shots to occur anymore, but champion packs that have certain combos are ALWAYS a one shot. I’m running 5k armor, 50k hp, 700 resists and one vortex into an arcane and I’m dead. I don’t even understand how that’s supposed to be fun. It’s completely unavoidable. I strongly feel that champion packs need a hard revamping so that a player can accurately predict and prevent incoming champion pack damage because it’s currently impossible.
    Lylirra: This thread has a lot of good feedback regarding affix packs (as does this thread), but let me try to address one question really quickly:

    I dunno, OP has a point with certain combos. Vortex + frozen+ arcane + desecrate can be a pain, or similar with waller.
    There’s a difference between saying “that’s an unfair affix combo” and “I can’t beat this affix combo” (yet). Certain affix packs will be harder than others. The variance in randomness and in the difficulty of the packs is completely intentional and we’re happy with where things are right now.

    Having to restart a game or skipping packs altogether is also totally fine. As you become more powerful, finesse your builds, and develop a variety of tactics to use in different situations, you’ll be able to kill more monsters. If you could kill everything uniformly the first time you stepped into an Act, you’d have a really limited sense of progression and the feeling of becoming “more powerful” wouldn’t be as present. The design intent is that some affix packs will unbeatable for you at first, but then you’ll come back later and get your sweet (and well deserved) revenge. We feel that making every affix combo equally difficult would take away the satisfaction of overcoming the more challenging combos later on.

    I posted about this a few weeks ago, and our general philosophy hasn’t really changed since then. You feedback is still encouraged, though!

    Its not present, this is the first game I have played that as I got higher level, I feel weaker, and I have to go back and farm stuff just to progress through the game. In case nobody has told anyone at blizzard, games are supposed to be fun. This aint fun.
    (For you) what would make affix combos more fun, but still be reasonably challenging? Keep in mind that we don’t expect players to be able to easily kill everything they come across the first time, every time in the later difficulties.

    This question is open to anyone reading along. If you have suggestions or thoughts, please chime in!

    How about those more difficult affixes result in a higher chance to get a rare from those mobs?
    Interesting suggestion. I’ll definitely pass it along.

    As nasty boss mods are a topic that’s long been near my own heart, I read this thread with interest. That’s an interesting suggestion there at the end, but of course the problem is determining which mods or combinations of mods are the most difficult, as that varies a lot by class and play style. Your Wizard and Demon Hunter dread DiabloWikiMortar and DiabloWikiTeleporter and DiabloWikiVortex, while your Barbarian and Monk generally think those mods are a delightful present (new bugs aside) that took up a monster affix spot that might otherwise have featured something dangerous. By the same token, melee chars dread DiabloWikiPlagued and DiabloWikiDesecrator and DiabloWikiFire Chains and DiabloWikiMolten (or all 4 at once) while those are irrelevant or far less troubling to a ranged attacker.

    Just yesterday my Barb (who is newly in Hell, and all self found gear, so it’s hard) got DiabloWikiFast, DiabloWikiHorde, DiabloWikiMolten on a Mage Construct right near the stairs into one of the Act 2 sewers, and I gave up and left the game after five minutes and several deaths when I’d hardly put a dent into the 8 minions, much less the boss. I wished (not for the first time) that D3’s online game system worked like D2’s, so I could have switched characters and joined that game with my DH, who would have taken speedy and violent revenge for my Barb’s impotence.

    In general though, I fully agree with the developers that the point of DiabloWikiboss mods is to be difficult and to change up the play style, and that it’s a lot of fun to battle with a combo of mods that challenges your character. When my Barb was even newer in Hell, I got DiabloWikiFrozen, DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted, DiabloWikiDesecrator on a champion pack of those big hammer Cultists in Leoric’s Torture Chambers, and it was ridiculous, since I had to retreat after literally every swing I took at them. And yet I knew I could beat them and it didn’t feel unfair, and when I finally took out the last of the three, (it was easy once I finally got one of them down, since the frequency of their Arcane and Frozen casts decreased greatly) the feeling of victorious accomplishment was intense.

    That said, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to keep some mods from spawning with other mods on the same boss or champions. Mods that immobilize you + mods that create huge damage beneath your feet are just wrong, since not all classes have skills that can break through or escape such situations. It might also be nice to limit what can spawn with Vortex, say not allowing that with Fire Chains + Molten + Plagued?

    I’d also like to see item mods that helped with such things. Chance to break Jailer, chance to break Walls, chance to resist Vortex, etc, though that seems like something we’ll probably have to wait for D3X or D3Y to see, as they further diversify the item system. Or how about improvements to some of the useless Skill Runes in good skills; a DiabloWikiVault that can pass through Jailer/Waller obstacles, for instance.

    Do you guys want to nominate any DiabloWikiElite Affix combos that just should not be? (Can someone can say DiabloWikiInvulnerable Minions early on, so then everyone else can upvote it so it doesn’t fill the whole thread? Thx.) Or do you like the unpredictable nature of boss mod combos and how odd pairings force you to vary your play style, even if that means sometimes some classes will be unable to defeat them?

    This calls for a vote. Just a quickie, though.

    Should Diablo 3 Elite Affixes be Nerfed?

    • 2) Not nerfed, but some Mods should not spawn with others. (37%, 1,344 Votes)
    • 1) No way. Leave them nasty and unpredictable.` (33%, 1,208 Votes)
    • 4) Yes, some mods and combs are way too hard. (16%, 600 Votes)
    • 3) Maybe a little, but only on Inferno. (11%, 386 Votes)
    • 5) No opinion/not sure. (3%, 105 Votes)

    Total Voters: 3,643

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