So You Didn’t Play Diablo II?

Neinball points us to a new feature on IGN entitled, “You Never Played Diablo?” It’s a mock conversation between a noob and a knowledgeable fan about the Diablo series, in which the newcomer asks why they should care, what they missed, how D3 differs from previous titles, etc. It’s unlikely that any of you guys are asking such questions, but you might find it an interesting read, or use it to educate some of your heretic, non-D2 loving friends.

I’m having trouble deciding how to allocate all these points I’m getting after leveling up.

Those were big decisions to make in Diablo II, but with the third game, there’s no need to worry. You don’t manage primary attributes like Strength, Dexterity and Stamina at all. Attributes still exist, but they increase automatically as you level. According to Blizzard that’s to prevent you from accidentally making what amounts to a busted character.

Skills are automatically unlocked too as you level. There’s no more need to drop points into elaborate skill trees. Instead, you’ll eventually get all the skills and pick only those you want to remain active at any time. Initially in the ongoing Diablo III beta you could swap out skills at any time, but this has changed. Now you need to visit a shrine in town to switch skills, so while in combat your skill loadout is locked. This is a pretty big change, meaning you’ll need to put a lot more thought into your character build before you head into the killing fields.

The article ends by estimating a March or April 2012 release date. Is April still “early 2012?” Not in the normal definition of the word, but considering that this is Blizzard we’re talking about…

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3 thoughts on “So You Didn’t Play Diablo II?

  1. I like the shrine addition. Without it, Diablo could become too much like other games later on. Now at least I can have decisions to make about the skills I attach, rather than just switching out my skills really quickly. I think It should be allowed to swap sills in the area immediately outside the town, after going to the shrine, so that we can see the skills, and make sure the build we have is good. Or at least let us swap for two minutes when we get a new skill, so we can try it out. What is the point of giving us a skill and not letting us try it unless we go back to town?

  2. This thing sucks. I remember having Sorceress in Diablo 2 with STR and DEX built up, and using only enchant fire or however it was called. And yeah, fighting with a sword !!!
    Now we can’t make those characters…. 😥

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